Hardwell & Armin Van Buuren- Off The Hook (Original Mix)

Hardwell and Armin are no doubt two titans of their respective genres. So what happens when they link up to produce a track? Well, chaos. Total chaos. Their new collaboration ‘Off The Hook’ is designed for the big stages and loud systems. It’s a really unique track that takes each producers strengths and combines them into one genre bending ride¬†that will set a crowd absolutely off. ‘Off The Hook’ is available now.

PS. Any fans of Armin Van Buuren might want to stay tuned to Gratzfeed over the next couple of days, some pretty cool ish in the works ūüėČ

Gratzfood Review: McDonald’s Premium Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich

“Forgive me father for I have sinned”.

That is what I kept thinking of when I decided to review the new McDonald’s chicken sandwich. It felt sacrilegious because I’m such a devout follower of the Chick Fil A practice, but since fine cuisine is a big part of Gratzfeed I believed it to be my duty to give a fair and impartial review of this new sandwich and, while we prefer Chick Fil A here, we appreciate and enjoy all walks of fast food life. Plus, McDonalds has never wronged me with their chicken (besides that time they used to serve nuggets with purple meat back in the day but hey lets let bygones be bygones).

So I pulled up to the drive thru, ordered the meal, a McChicken as well for shits and gigs and went back to the spot to put this bad boy to the test. I opened it and it looked pretty legit. You could tell the bun was going to be a game changer. It was time to feast.


After the first bite I heard a big plop fall into the packaging (see below). I looked and it was an obscene amount of buttermilk ranch (it is the premium buttermilk crispy chicken deluxe sandwich after all). I couldn’t get over how much ranch was on this sucker, just ranch everywhere, like an elephant was mating and pulled out and finished all over this premium McDonalds Sandwich. I definitely didn’t think this ranch tasted as good as the packaged ranch from McDonald’s, something was¬†off.¬†


I persevered through this odd tasting ranch and continued eating. It was pretty good, the chicken was rather McDonalds like as expected, a nice and bigger white meat alternative to whatever is in the McChicken. The roll tasted really good but there was just so much of this sauce that i couldn’t even taste it which really hampered the experience. Overall, it wasn’t my favorite, not bad, just not my favorite and at $4.69 for just the sandwich it puts you in the classic McDonalds conundrum, would you rather have one of these or¬†like five things from the dollar menu and re evaluate life later?


Then, for this review I went to McDonalds’ website solely to retrieve the official name for this concoction. I took a quick glance at the ingredients and that is when i snapped. “A tender, juicy, filet made with 100% chicken breast meat, real buttermilk and no artificial colors. Plus fresh tomato, crisp leaf lettuce and mayonnaise. All atop our delectable artisan roll.” I hate tomatoes so I ordered it without them BUT WHAT WAS THAT PART BEFORE THE ARTISAN ROLL? MAYONNAISE? WHAT. OK, I see what happened here, I, for some moronic reason thought that the premium buttermilk crispy chicken deluxe sandwich meant BUTTERMILK RANCH. Turns out, it was just the chicken that was buttermilk. The class mix-up I guess. Who says buttermilk nowadays without talking about ranch? You may be thinking “Gratz, how the fuck did you think that mayonnaise was ranch?, You’re better than that.” Well normally I would give you that, HOWEVER THIS IS MCDONALDS WE’RE TALKING ABOUT, THE CHICKEN USED TO BE FUCKING PURPLE FOR FUCKS¬†SAKE. Plus i don’t eat mayonnaise so how was I supposed to know what it tasted like. (On a side note it wasn’t as repulsive as I thought as I was able to finish the sandwich, but I definitely will continue to order food without it in the future.)

Hey McDonald’s, you wanna know why you’re hurting for sales and losing to a place that isn’t even open 7 days a week? It’s because you pull shit like this, advertise a buttermilk chicken sandwich and put fucking mayonnaise on it instead of buttermilk ranch, despite previously having a sandwich on the dollar menu that had ranch on it. I’m heated man, hold me back. Chick fil a would never do something so foul, so heinous, and if they did I would cause such a scene and put my nuts on the counter and all they would say is “my pleasure =)” and fix it. I do however feel I have to try this sandwich again, without mayo even though I really shouldn’t. I can’t let them win like that.

Verdict: N/A, too enraged from ranch debacle, stay tuned for an update.

Breaking: McDonalds Offering ALL DAY BREAKFAST Starting October 6

Yes you read that headline correctly. On October 6, 2015, McDonalds will start to offer breakfast all day long.

“Company officials announced Tuesday that they will begin serving breakfast all-day nationally¬†on¬†Oct. 6. Restaurant operators approved the move in a vote Tuesday.

McDonald’s has been testing all-day breakfast in select markets for several months after hearing for years from customers that they wanted to be able to get an Egg McMuffin no matter what time of day. Over the last year, the company had counted 120,000 requests on Twitter calling for them to sell breakfast items all day.”

This is probably the most dangerous thing to happen to America since the AIDS epidemic. Let me paint the picture for you. It’s Friday night and you and your buddies are going out. You spend the evening bar hopping, slamming tequila shots, dancing like the pathetic white boy dancer you are, trying to salvage whatever motor function you have left as you talk to the girl who you think is a 9 but is actually a 4. You wake up alone the next morning at around 11 with 5/6 of the money you went out with missing and having no recollection of how you got home until you check your phone and see you spent $44.12 on an Uber. Now, imagine then going to McDonalds around noonish/1:00 and consuming a sausage McGriddle or two? Forget¬†Monday, you would be lucky to make it back to work by¬†Tuesday.¬†I would honestly rather just stand there with my hands behind my back and let Floyd Mayweather knock me out, noses heal, arteries don’t. I’m calling that America’s productivity will be at an all time low, but what do I know? Its not like I’ve ever eaten McDonalds and know first hand how severely damaging it can be to your life as well as your loved ones. America, gotta love it, you can’t bet $20 on a football game but you can order an egg McMuffin¬†at 4 pm. Despite the morbid consequences, I’m actually all about it. Some people get a thrill from doing an obstacle course in mud, others like to test their bodies limits by eating McDonalds breakfast in the afternoon. Just don’t say you haven’t been warned, America.


You can check out the full article here:


Old Dominion Fraternity Suspended After Hanging Crude Signs, Gratzfeed Thinks It’s Lame

So it’s about that time for colleges where it’s move in day and everyone’s pumped for the impending ruckus syllabus (or chillabus) week is about to cause. With promiscuity at an all time high and responsibility at an all time low it’s not hard to find yourself overly excited if you’re in an 18-22 year olds shoes around this time. However for Old Dominion’s Sigma Nu the party appears to be ending early. The fraternity has just been suspended for…hanging signs?

“Crass, sexually suggestive banners “welcoming” freshman women to a Virginia college last week have sparked outrage and led to the suspension of at least one of the school’s fraternities.

The white signs draped over the balconies of an off-campus Old Dominion University house read “Rowdy and fun, hope your baby girl is ready for a good time,” “Freshman Daughter Drop Off” and “Go ahead and Drop Off Mom Too.”

The “O” “D” and “U” on the first sign were highlighted in blue, while the other letters were black.”


C’MON MAN. Really? This warrants a fraternity to be suspended? It’s no wonder comedians like Jerry Seinfeld don’t want to perform at colleges anymore because everything now has to be so damn politically correct, it’s sickening. I don’t even think the signs are that funny or cool in the first place but they definitely do not warrant a suspension or really much backlash at all. It’s their house, can’t they hang what they want? Freedom of speech or something? It’s not like these signs had blatant curse or explicit words on them. If they said something along the lines of “can’t wait to bust a nut all up in yo baby girls grill” then I could see the problem, these are only¬†suggestive.¬†If Americans are going to have a rough time with everything that¬†could¬†have a sexual connotation or other meaning then we are really, really fucked. If that’s the case then they should no longer be allowed to call Oreos with twice the amount of filling “Double Stuff” because there is clearly a sexual innuendo happening there and no kids should be exposed to such crass marketing. Also I’m calling for the removal of everything “brownie batter” too as brownie is clearly an offensive term aimed at African Americans. And the batter part? Brownie BATTER? With all this police brutality going on I don’t get how shit like this stays on shelves of American grocery stores, we need to take a stand dammit! But for real, I’ve seen comments from parents saying how if they saw these signs while helping move in they would¬†make their daughter go home. I have a better idea, why don’t you just politely remind (you really shouldn’t have to do this either) your daughter of how she was raised and trust that you did a good enough job as a parent instilling strong values so that she could make the decision on her own to not go to a place hanging sexually suggestive signs. Or is 18 not old enough to make such decisions? Food for thought.

You can check out the full article right here:


W&W & Moti- Spack Jarrow (Original Mix)

This summer has been massive when it comes to music with explosive releases coming literally every week (haha explosive releases). This week the cream of the crop is the new collaboration between the ass kicking dutch duo W&W and Tiesto prodigy Moti. ‘Spack Jarrow’ is an epic adventure that will make you actually want to smash a treasure chest over somebody’s skull. Big, loud and unique, ‘Spack Jarrow’ is definitely a banger you’ll need and it’s now available on Musical Freedom.


Monday Madness: 3 Tracks You Need To Know

What’s up Gratzians, it’s been a little while but Gratzfeed is back in full force. I don’t know about yall but I had a great weekend, yes it sucks that it’s Monday but the release of these tunes really helps give that boost we all really need for the week. Here’s your prescription to rid you of those Monday blues:

Ftampa & The Fish House- 031 (Original Mix)

This track is a fucking banger plain and simple. If you don’t know Ftampa it’s time you get familiar, he’s a young producer who has already been supported by the biggest acts and is signed to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. This gem however is out on Sander’s Doorn Records imprint, grab it now.

Firebeatz- Sky High (Tiesto Edit)

Another banger, this one is mean. Tiesto takes this Firebeatz track and just gives it a really gritty, awesome sound. These producers together are always a force to be reckoned with and this track does little to disprove that.

Lucky Date feat. Sabrina Signs- I Like You (Original Mix)

Been following this one for a while, Lucky Date makes some fucking crazy music. This one has really catchy vocals from Sabrina Signs followed by a drop so hard and unique that it would absolutely set a club off. ‘I Like You’ is out now on Revealed Recordings.

Shaq To DJ At TomorrowWorld, People Set To Roll Their (Basket)balls Off

I don’t know how to even start this one, really at a loss right now. Try to follow this run on sentence for me: Ok so Shaq, yes Shaq, one of the biggest and most dominant NBA players of all time (and the lead in Shazam) is djing, yes djing, like playing music, at TomorrowWorld, yes TomorrowWorld, one of the biggest music festivals in the United States. Got that? After retiring Shaq has pursued a career in becoming a tv analyst which he still does as well as a career in law enforcement and now he’s apparently a dj, one good enough to play TomorrowWorld. The 43 year old will be performing under the moniker DJ Diesel.

TomorrowWorld’s lineup was already stacked enough for me. It’s got the usual heavy hitters like Afrojack, Showtek, Tiesto, as well as some lesser known guys who slay like Thomas Newson, Lucky Date, and Dallas K…BUT SHAQUILLE O’NEAL JUST TAKES THIS FESTIVAL FURTHER INTO THE STRATOSPHERE¬†THAN THE BRAINCELLS OF THOSE ATTENDING. I’ve never drank or did drugs before (mom reads the blog now) but I can only imagine that being fucked up while the big fella is shaqtin’ a fucking fool dropping bombs would have to be the¬†pinnacle of life. People would be tripping so hard for that set that they’d think Shaq was actually next to them (it’s just my friend Nana guys don’t worry). I can’t even imagine what he’d be playing, I’m thinking like ‘Jump Around’ and 90’s throwbacks mixed in with some hardstyle and filthy trap.

Having said that, if you are on drugs and paranoid, this whole thing can be a stunt for him to bust people and make a name for himself as a cop. Imagine getting pulled out of the crowd and getting your whole life ruined by Shaq? No thank you, I’ll be on my couch watching football, eating wings and drinking soda that weekend, but don’t worry I’m sure he’s just there to drop bangers for you, seriously no worries.

PS. After an “eventful” date night I once sought shelter on Nana’s futon. The next morning he gave me an appropriately huge SHAQ STARTER shirt that instead of saying back to back to back champion says SHAQ TO SHAQ TO SHAQ AND IT’S MINE FOREVER AND I’M NEVER GIVING IT BACK.

Shaq-behind-the-turntables-at-Chateau-Nightclub-Rooftop-753x502_zps44488379Shaq Kazaam

Check Out These Remixes From Rising Jersey Producers

In case you haven’t noticed, I really like music. Music is a passion that I willingly devote a large portion of my time to day in and day out. As a fan of anything, it’s always refreshing to be able to share and discuss your interests with likeminded individuals. Mikey P and DJ Glaze are two producers/ DJs who share this passion of music, and it shows through their work. I’ve spent some time talking to these dudes about the genre and they really know their shit. Well, they put their expertise on display with their brand new remixes to popular songs.

Up first we have Mikey P and his remix to Tove Lo’s ‘Talking Body’. The youngster put a lot of time into this one, getting it just right for breaking shit in a crowded room. Even better? This one’s available for free download right here

Next we have another energetic remix, this time Glaze’s imagining of Adam Lambert’s ‘Ghost Town’. Just like Mikey P, Glaze gives us a track that may make you want to play a game of dodgeball with a pile of rocks. Even better than better? This one’s also available for free download, right here

Hold On To Your Biscuits, This Popeyes Fight is Insane

Nothing gets my blood flowing like a ratchet ass fight caught on camera. This time, a Popeyes gets its shit wrecked from a pack of wild animals fighting over only God knows what. Here, check it out!

Far and away the best fireworks display I’ve seen from the weekend, even better than the one that fucked up the Giants defensive line and possibly season, no question. Lots to break down here. First, it’s a blessing that this shit show stuck to the main area/ outside meaning no fried chicken or biscuits were harmed in this video. Would have been such a shame if any food got contaminated from these lowlife delinquents. Second, I’m not quite sure what set this whole thing off but it must have been SERIOUS. How can anyone want to fight in the presence of a holy establishment like Popeyes? I thought those cajun tenders could bring world peace and next thing I know I see these behemoths acting like it’s the stage of the fucking Jerry Springer show. Third, gotta love the comment saying

“I was hoping that little kid was going to get knocked out.¬† Already at that young age she was acting just like the hoodrat her mom was.¬† Talking shit and pulling hair.¬† Would have loved to see a chair accidentally smack her in the face, so everybody can get knocked back into reality and realize how primitive they are acting.¬† What a horrible culture.¬† Respect to people of all races who are above this shit.”

That’s some next level logical reasoning right there. I mean kids already fucked to begin with so might as well get hit in the fucking grill with a chair and maybe knock the ratchet out of them right? Can’t hurt can it? Anyways, great brawl right there, at Gratzfeed we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality entertainment, so stay tuned for more clips of America at its finest.