Pizza Flavored Wings From KFC & Pizza Hut Are a Real Thing That Exist

Yeah. Wait. My brain isn’t working. I literally can’t even right now I think I’m blacking out just from the thought of this. Let me gather myself……………..OK SO PIZZA HUT AND KFC MAKE PIZZA FUCKING FLAVORED BUFFALO WINGS. APPARENTLY THIS ACTUALLY EXISTS IN THE WORLD. ACCORDING TO BROBIBLE:

“Some insane mad scientist working in the labs at Yum! Brands — the company behind KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell — recently created a hybrid food from junk food heaven: Pizza-flavored buffalo wings. According to the find by Buzzfeed, it looks like they integrate mozzarella and cheddar, along with some light marinara infusion.

They’re being sold as “Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken” in Hong Kong only, according to reports. No word on if release to the states is in the cards.”

If you’re anything like me you already chose overnight shipping for every book you could find on how to speak Japanese as well as started to look for a reasonable apartment to live in. I’d leave this great country for pizza flavored wings faster than you can say Konichiwa Fried Chicken Bitches. Cliff Huxtable drugged girls for sex and Jared from Subway maybe has a fetish for kiddie porn, I’m ready to make the trek. On some real shit, we NEED to make this a thing in America. We need everyone to bombard KFC and Pizza Hut on every platform possible demanding this jawn, right fucking now. I’m going to keep a close eye on which presidential candidates are willing to put in the work to bring this concoction to the states and do everything in my power to make sure they get elected to office. Except Chris Christie, he doesn’t fuck with legalizing pot and I can’t fathom eating this without at least 9 blunts beforehand. But yeah, these are apparently a real thing that exist in Japan, start doing your part to bring this magical creation to America and help restore the nobility that America desperately needs right now.


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Jared From Subway’s Home Raided In Connection To Child Porn

Wait, WHAT!? Yeah you read that correctly, apparently Jared, yes that Jared, had his home raided by FBI agents in connection to child pornography.

“The 37-year-old was detained outside of his Zionsville house as a special taskforce removed electronics from the property and took them to a mobile forensics van parked in his driveway, WTHR reported.

Fogle’s wife and kids left just after the 6:30 a.m. raid began, local media reported.

He is not under arrest at this time.

In April, the executive director of the Jared Foundation — a nonprofit founded by Fogle to battle childhood obesity — was  arrested on child pornography charges after investigators found more than 400 illicit videos in his Indianapolis home. Russell Taylor recorded all of the graphic footage was inside his home or his former homes between 2012 and 2015, police said.”

OK, so the first thing you have to understand is that thus far, Jared has not been arrested. We don’t even technically know why his house is being raided in the first place, so it’s not fair to say the guy is involved in some crazy child pornography scandal. But, IMAGINE SON?! That would be fucking crazy, dude has enough will power to lose 784 pounds but doesn’t have the will power to not watch kids get it on. There has to be some rules just in case this shit is actually legit:

1. No $5 dollar footlong jokes. Ok maybe for like the first day or two but after that we gotta get more creative, that’s just too easy. I’m thinking more along the lines of like “hey, are the cucumbers at Subway fresh? I heard they were newly picked”, or “hey don’t go to subway, the long rolls are always rock hard!”I don’t know, it’s not even noon yet but we can definitely get more creative than $5 footlong shots.

2. Number one is really all I got for now, I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

But seriously, doesn’t it seem like theres always a new child pornography case in the news? How does that even happen? Yeah pot’s illegal but like if you wanna pick up an eighth for the night it’s not all that hard, don’t even wanna know how one get’s involved with this kind of garbage. Must be some shady, shady people. Jared hasn’t even been arrested yet, but stay tuned to Gratzfeed and we’ll keep you posted because face it, you just really wanna know if the fucking dude from Subway is going to jail for beating his salami to kiddie porn.


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