Fellow Degenerates Rejoice: HQ Plans Its Comebacky

May was already starting to start to look really promising. We got Mayweather/ Pacquiao, Djais frolicking with the guidos, EDC with the girls with daddy issues, and now it’s about to reach a whole new level of ignorance. As you may have heard, Revel Casino has been purchased by Florida investor Glenn Straub and it’s been finally finalized, donezo kudoro.

Allow me to provide a brief history lesson. HQ was the club inside the Revel Casino. HQ was the best club in AC by a landslide. It’s where the miscreants jumped around in general admission without a care in the world and where the rich romped around flaunting their wealth without any real regard for anyone or anything in VIP. It’s where the top DJs spun in AC, Tiesto, Afrojack and even Paul Oakenfold all took the decks there. It was 21 to enter but once you entered you could act like a fucking 12 year old.

Well, word on the street is that despite no date set for the actual casino to open, HQ (which isn’t owned by Revel, it’s owned by the same company that runs Hakkasan in Vegas) the club is set to open on May 15. Fuck. Yes. First we get news that Taco Bell could deliver then HQ opening back up in May!? What’s next, Chick Fil A is open on Sundays? HQ also has a day counterpart called HQ Beach Club which is an outdoor day party spot, if that’s going to be open for this summer then we’re in fucking business (literally). So yeah, right now it’s looking like May 15th as a start date for HQ, we’ll keep you posted as always with any new developments. In the meantime, it’s time to lose┬ásome weight, morals, and standards for what’s shaping up to be a raucous Summer ’15.