Dillon Francis Spreads Holiday Panic With ‘Hava Nagila’ Remix

Christmas time is pretty sweet whether you celebrate it or not. Time off, an excuse to pig out on either ham or Chinese food, sports galore, people more jolly than their normal miserable selves (most likely for aforementioned reasons). But let us not forget there is another significant holiday happening right at this very moment, none other than the festival of lights, Chanukah.

We all know the Christmas songs. I don’t care if you were raised by wolves, at one point you probably stumbled into some sort of civilized community (or a Walmart during the holiday rush) that was playing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. They’re hard to avoid and every year your boiling point is put to the test with how much you can hear and not want to strangle someone with a shiny red bow. Dillon Francis however flipped the script and just dropped a remix to the ultimate jewish turn up anthem, Hava Nagila which you can check out right below.

What an absolute monster of a track. This is the perfect thing to blast in your home when your Bubbe is over for Chanukah asking about your love life or how to do something on her iPhone 4. Can’t imagine hearing this dance floor weapon without fighting the urge to flatten someone like a latke. Hava Nagila is as much of a jewish staple as putting brunch on Instagram and getting a car as a gift when you’re 17. Glad it got the modern treatment it deserved, Happy Holidays!

The Weeknd Releases Second Daft Punk Collab Ahead Of Album Release

The Weeknd made some waves today, dropping an official tracklist alongside the release of two more tracks from his upcoming ‘Starboy’ album, including the second collaboration with iconic duo Daft Punk, ‘I Feel It Coming’.


The followup to their song ‘Starboy’ doesn’t just match the first outing, it takes everyone’s talents and elevates them to a whole new level. Starboy is a fun, catchy tune that is most certainly enjoyable, but I Feel It Coming is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what makes you like a certain song so much, but I’ll try. The final track of the album is a (not surprisingly) flawlessly produced track that allows the ultra talented singer to flaunt his range and ability. Not only are the Weeknd’s vocals beautiful, the signature robotic vocals from Daft Punk also evoke emotion from the listener, which never fails to amaze me since they’re…well….robotic. This is truly an epic track, something you close out an amazing season of Entourage with. If this track is any indication of what could come from the rest of the album then we might be in store for a classic in every sense of the word. ‘Starboy’ drops Black Friday.

You can check out the track in full as well as the official tracklist below:



Kungs & Cookin’ On 3 Burners- This Girl

You know when you find that song? Like, that song? You know exactly what I’m talking about and this is it, this is the one. This is the one you have on repeat in your headphones, the one you play when you’re handed the aux, the one that manages to release every ounce of serotonin your little brain has left in it. I found this gem last month and since I’ve been pleased to see it take off as it’s starting to get the recognition it deserves. ‘This Girl’ is fun, catchy, and just overall a great time personified through song. Get familiar, I have a feeling you’ll be hearing this one quite a bit if you haven’t already.