I Can’t Express How Excited We Should All Be For The New Calvin Harris Album

When it comes to producing, I’m not sure if anyone can currently touch Calvin Harris. Dude is that talented. His ability to make hit after hit and produce mainstream music that is not only tolerable but really well made is something I marvel at time and time again. Today the superstar DJ/producer dropped a huge announcement regarding his next project. Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.10.13 AM.png

Pretty self explanatory.  As you can see from the image above, there’s a video in the tweet that name drops all of the features on the album and the cast is absolutely star studded. Frank Ocean. Travis Scott. Kehlani. Pharrell. Katy Perry. Big Sean. John Legend. Migos. Schoolboy Q. Ariana Grande. Young Thug. D.R.A.M. Nicki Minaj. Lil Yachty. Jessie Reyez. PARTYNEXTDOOR. Snoop Dogg. Not to mention Future and Khalid who’s track can be heard as the minute and thirty four second clip plays.

Speaking of the clip, just that little snippet makes me on the verge of physically being unable to contain myself from waiting until June 30th. I need to drop what I’m doing and throw on a clean white short sleeved button down, some shades, hit a rooftop bar and grab a couple of mimosas and just enjoy life. You know what? Screw blogging. I think I’m going to take my credit card and get myself a villa on a private island and never come back to the states until collections literally comes and drags me home like David Dao.

As I mentioned before, I think Calvin Harris is one of the most talented people when it comes to making good music. The fact that he’s working with such a diverse group of artists who each possess very different styles and sounds and producing (what I’m banking on will be) high quality music is a feat few can pull off. Get ready for Summer, Calvin Harris’ new album is dropping June 30th.

Anthem Alert: Riton- Rinse And Repeat Feat. Kah-lo

I came across a track a while ago that I thought could get big. Now that I’m seeing it supported and remixed by heavy hitters of the genre, I’m convinced this is going to be a summer anthem.’Rinse And Repeat’ has some of the catchiest vocals you’ll hear in a track this year and frankly is just really dope overall. Usually, there’s either remixes that don’t match the original or vice versa, here I think that the remixes I’ve heard are all stellar in their own way and can each be played depending on the circumstance. Danny Howard damn well knows how to make a club track and the remix from Busy P & Boston Bun brings out a really unique, groovy sounding style. Well done, Riton, Kah-lo and friends, have a feeling we’ll be hearing these quite a bit in the upcoming months.

The Fog Vs Chus & Ceballos- Been A Long Time (Mark Knight Remix)

Mark Knight just gets it. The house legend and founder of Toolroom Records rarely puts out a track that doesn’t make you feel like pure sex. His newest one, a remix of The Fog and fellow genre heavyweights Chus & Ceballos keeps the trend going with another stellar outing. Like most of Knight’s work, this one is a groovy toe tapper featuring a catchy melody and soulful vocals that can really set the tone for a night out. ‘Been A Long Time’ is out now.

Disclosure’s Sophomore Album Drops at Midnight

‘Caracal’, Disclosure’s follow up to their ultra successful first album ‘Settle’ is finally here. I don’t want to proclaim an album to be amazing without hearing it in full but yo, this album is going to be fucking amazing. Most, if not all of the tracks already released have been stellar such as ‘Omen’ (their follow up collaboration with Sam Smith) and ‘Holding On’ featuring Gregory Porter’. Additionally the album features collabs with Miguel, Lorde and The Weeknd. Make sure you give this album a listen, however, Gratzfeed is not responsible for any impending addictions.


Hardwell & Armin Van Buuren- Off The Hook (Original Mix)

Hardwell and Armin are no doubt two titans of their respective genres. So what happens when they link up to produce a track? Well, chaos. Total chaos. Their new collaboration ‘Off The Hook’ is designed for the big stages and loud systems. It’s a really unique track that takes each producers strengths and combines them into one genre bending ride that will set a crowd absolutely off. ‘Off The Hook’ is available now.

PS. Any fans of Armin Van Buuren might want to stay tuned to Gratzfeed over the next couple of days, some pretty cool ish in the works 😉

Jam Of The Week: ‘I Could Be Wrong”

It’s Monday, it blows, but luckily Gratzfeed has the perfect remedy for those Monday blues. Chocolate Puma’s new track “I Could Be Wrong” is hands down one of the hottest tracks of the summer, and it’s out now. Catchy vocals, a groovy breakdown and a funky drop, this track has it all. Grab your copy now have fun trying to get this one out of your head.

Gratz’s Guestlist 9

It’s officially that time of the year, once 5:00 hits you’re out the fucking door and in your car on the way to getting some beer in your hand and some sand in your toes. Whether you’re hitting a shore bar, the city, wherever, Gratzfeed has the soundtrack to your weekend ready to go. This week we feature new music by Quintino, Headhunterz, and a personal favorite sicko of mine, Olly James. Enjoy!

Gratz’s Guestlist 6

It’s Friday, and that means another installment of Gratz’s Guestlist. Here’s the thing though, I know people have their formals this weekend and I know Firebeatz are playing in AC, plus a bunch of other crazy shit is probably happening because it’s the fucking weekend and the weather is dope. So, I decided to just make this one just absolutely off the fucking walls and load it up with a bunch of tracks that are just straight up silly. Seriously be careful, if you’re driving to this you might actually break your teeth biting your steering wheel or something. Here it is, have a good one folks and remember, safety first.


Ashanti- Happy

Yeah, that’s right. This track is pure bliss, and this weather we’re getting here on the east coast makes for a perfect time to listen again. You know Ashanti is (was) legit when you get an introduction from Ja Rule himself, even calling her voice “angelic”. This track would be perfect for when you’re about to eat ice cream or have sex, even though they’re pretty much the same thing.

Dada Life- Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Cazzette Approaching Starry Homes Mix)

Speaking of nice weather, it’s officially day drink season (if you’re in school still… actually you can still day drink even if you’re not in school it’s just frowned upon by society) and this is without a doubt just perfect for the occasion. The vocals are what really makes the track, and whenever it’s dropped people completely lose their shit. The original mix works too, but the Cazzette one just goes a little harder with the drop and was often times the one that was played when the track was made 3 years ago. Well that does it for this weeks TBT, I think I’m going to have a beer, or 12.


We’ve had a big week so far, as you now know Taco Bell may start delivering, HQ is reopening, and so the throwbacks this week definitely need to be pretty fucking ratch. We’re gonna start this one off with the Gucci Mane classic ‘Wasted’. Absolute anthem for getting fucked up. Party Party Party lets all get wasted (and then get a quesarito delivered) sounds like the saddest and most perfect way to spend a weekend night.

And since HQ is reopening, lets throw this back to W&W’s smash “Bigfoot”, one of the biggest tracks to ever incite chaos on the dance floor. Little Gratzfeed anecdote: Once upon a time after a weekend bender at Rutgers the crew went to see W&W on a Sunday night at HQ. We pretty much just wanted to go to hear ‘Bigfoot’ live because it was brand spanking new at the time. Problem was it was fucking February and snowing hard as fuck, but we still went, and on the way back the car smashed into a guardrail. Sounds like the only appropriate way to cap off a weekend where ‘Bigfoot’ was blasted in AC…