Gratzfeed Presents: Halloween 2015

What’s up you ghoulish gratzians, threw together a little mix to commemorate this weekends festivities. Pretty scary shit right here so if you’re a wuss don’t even bother. Have fun with this one and be safe. Remember, pixie sticks are a hell of a drug.


Damian Lillard Tries Rapping, Can’t Touch The Answer

So in case you haven’t heard yet, Damian Lilliard (Dame Dolla now) has put out a rap freestyle over Futures ‘Fuck Up Some Commas’ beat. It’s actually not as bad as I was expecting, some good lines, solid flow, kind of sounds like Ludacris which isn’t hardly a bad thing. But overall, it doesn’t have that wow factor, nor many really memorable punchlines. Which brings me to my next point…

Remember AI AKA JEWELZ!? Now that is what I call rap music. I think the NBA has gone soft now, Dame Dolla doesn’t use a single curse word and hasn’t even had his music banned yet. I would imagine his representatives warned him about putting out such a reckless track, but back in the day The Answer simply didn’t give a fuck. AI laid that shit down, beat was fire and just went apeshit like he was going against the Raptors in ’01. I’ll leave both so you can be the judge, long live the great conundrum of ballers wanting to make music, and musicians (ehh rappers) wanting to be ballers.


New Releases: Three Tracks You Need To Have Now

With Ultra in the books and EDC and Summer on the way, we are in full swing when it comes to essential releases for the Summer. Today we have three legitimate monsters that are all pretty different from each other yet all have something in common: they’re fucking awesome tracks (they also all came out today). Lets begin shall we?

Jewelz and Sparks- Parade 98 (Original Mix)

I’ve been loving this one for a while, ever since I first heard Hardwell play it on ‘Hardwell On Air’ in late February. This track is just sexy. The vocal sample is catchy and just makes you want to groove, then the track takes a turn when the drop hits, with a dark, electro vibe to it. This track is awesome because it does a great job of capturing both a cool, clubby vibe as well as a hard hitting festival vibe with the drop.

Bassjackers & Afrojack- What We Live For (Original Mix)

This one’s fucking wild. When you combine Bassjackers and Afrojack, you’re just asking for trouble. This one has a classic Afrojack sound to it and is without a doubt his best collaboration since ‘Turn Up The Speakers’ with Martin Garrix.

Don Diablo featuring Maluca- My Window (Original Mix)

Haven’t stopped listening to this track for the past 24 hours. This one is groovy too, but in a more upbeat way. It honestly just makes me happy and unable to stop dancing. Really funky track, I was lucky enough to see Don Diablo at Spinnin Sessions Miami last month and he brings a lot of energy with his unique style of dance music. He’s been on a production tear recently, and he could definitely be poised for an Oliver Heldens type breakout very soon…