M’mkay, South Park Renewed Through 2019

Fuck yes. ‘South Park’, both the funniest and smartest show on television has been renewed through 2019.

Comedy Central said it will ensure its venerable and rule-breaking animated series “South Park” will top the 300-episode mark with a three-season renewal deal that keeps the enduring program on the Viacom-owned network through 2019.

Comedy Central ordered 30 new episodes, taking the series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone through its 23rd season. Comedy Central said that will make “South Park” cable’s longest-running scripted primetime series. The show’s 19th season bows Sept. 16.”

This is great news but it’s less of happy news and more of pure relief. I just can’t imagine life without getting Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s take on the world. There’s so much crazy shit that has happened since last season ended, they have almost too much material to choose from. Gonna be fucking amazing, long live South Park.


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