New Music Mondays: Three Tracks You Need To Know

Bassjackers- Bring That Beat (Original Mix)

Bassjackers are really good at what they do and that’s make music that makes you want to absolutely lose your shit. This track isn’t really all that different from what they’ve been making as of late but it’s a welcome addition to an already stacked list of aggressive bangers, without a doubt a must add to your “break shit” playlist this fall. ‘Bring That Beat’ is out now on Smash The House Records.

Vicetone- I’m On Fire (Original Mix)

While looking at the comments on this tracks page I saw someone say “sexy” and I think that sums this one up pretty well. Overall just a really catchy and crisp melody that will be stuck on your head in no time. ‘I’m On Fire’ is out now on Spinnin Records.

Dannic & Sick Individuals- Feel Your Love (Original Mix)

Quite Possibly one of the biggest tracks out now, ‘Feel Your Love’ is yet another masterpiece from Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. This one comes from his right hand man Dannic and fellow Revealed standouts Sick Individuals and starts out with a really groovy and catchy melody with phenomenal vocals which escalate into a powerful progressive breakdown followed by a fucking wild electro drop. I think what makes this track so special is that it does a remarkable job of fluidly combining different genres into one big track.  Really nice work here as Revealed Recordings stays unmatched in the genre. ‘Feel Your Love’ is out now.

Hardwell & Armin Van Buuren- Off The Hook (Original Mix)

Hardwell and Armin are no doubt two titans of their respective genres. So what happens when they link up to produce a track? Well, chaos. Total chaos. Their new collaboration ‘Off The Hook’ is designed for the big stages and loud systems. It’s a really unique track that takes each producers strengths and combines them into one genre bending ride that will set a crowd absolutely off. ‘Off The Hook’ is available now.

PS. Any fans of Armin Van Buuren might want to stay tuned to Gratzfeed over the next couple of days, some pretty cool ish in the works 😉

New Music Monday

It’s a great fucking time to be a fan of electronic music right now. Tons of new music coming out of EDC Vegas this past weekend and a bunch of big artists with new releases. This week, I have two picks in particular that are total musts, Hardwell’s newest compilation pack as well as Sandro Silva and Quintino’s latest banger.

‘Hardwell Presents Revealed Volume 6’ is the most recent in a standout series of compilations from Hardwell’s industry powerhouse label. Volume 6 comes completely stacked with massive tracks from some of the craziest producers around now. Familiar faces include W&W and Thomas Newson, while newcomers include jungle terror pioneer Wiwek, and Alpharock who’s been on a production tear as of late. This is one of the best albums in a while, it has all the essential tracks Hardwell and the crew have been using in their sets this festival season, definitely need to have this bad boy in your library.

Next up we have the latest collaboration between Sandro Silva and Quintino, who obviously already teamed up to bring us one of the most popular songs of the genre with ‘Epic’ back in 2011. Now they bring us ‘Aftermath’ a welcome sequel featuring a the same style we loved from their previous work. This beast is out now on Spinnin Records.

Tai & Scott Storch- Brick Wall Ft. Hell Yes

Scott Storch has to be one of my favorite people in the music industry. He’s a jew who used to live in Cherry Hill who balls the fuck out and makes amazing beats. Seriously, the dude is really talented and he produced tracks that were essential to our teenage years like ‘Candy Shop’ and ‘Lean Back’. Now, he’s getting into the electronic scene and linked up with German based (Jews and Germans linking up, we’ve come so far) Tai to bring us ‘Brick Wall’. Storch’s talents clearly crossover between genres as this one is a well produced, legitimate banger. The second drop is fucking silly and this was even released on Sander Van Doorn’s own Doorn Records. ‘Brick Wall’ is available now.

W&W & Blasterjaxx- Bowser (Original Mix)

Now this is what summer is all about: big, loud, fucking bangers. It’s pretty much the same deal with movies, with summer being the time where noisy ass movies like Transformers and this year, Jurassic World are released. Today though, we have a super banger by two duos (so that’s a total of four sickos in total) called ‘Bowser’. Yes, Bowser like the fucking villain in the Mario games. Last time these dudes linked they cooked up ‘Rocket’ a track that is totally not ok for public places, but absolutely phenomenal for breaking shit. ‘Bowser’ was made for the festivals, it’s the perfect track to be drunkenly blacked out humming the melody to aloud with your boys (which is like the most fun thing ever). ‘Bowser’ is out today on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings.

Gratz’s Guestlist 9

It’s officially that time of the year, once 5:00 hits you’re out the fucking door and in your car on the way to getting some beer in your hand and some sand in your toes. Whether you’re hitting a shore bar, the city, wherever, Gratzfeed has the soundtrack to your weekend ready to go. This week we feature new music by Quintino, Headhunterz, and a personal favorite sicko of mine, Olly James. Enjoy!

Gratz’s Guestlist 8

There’s a shit ton of awesome music out now and even more on its way and its fucking awesome. This week on Guestlist we have new music from a lot of the big time heavy hitters like Tiesto, Nicky Romero, DVBBS, Firebeatz, and more. This should hold everyone over until a big MDW mega mix next weekend. Enjoy!

Gratz’s Guestlist 6

It’s Friday, and that means another installment of Gratz’s Guestlist. Here’s the thing though, I know people have their formals this weekend and I know Firebeatz are playing in AC, plus a bunch of other crazy shit is probably happening because it’s the fucking weekend and the weather is dope. So, I decided to just make this one just absolutely off the fucking walls and load it up with a bunch of tracks that are just straight up silly. Seriously be careful, if you’re driving to this you might actually break your teeth biting your steering wheel or something. Here it is, have a good one folks and remember, safety first.


Ashanti- Happy

Yeah, that’s right. This track is pure bliss, and this weather we’re getting here on the east coast makes for a perfect time to listen again. You know Ashanti is (was) legit when you get an introduction from Ja Rule himself, even calling her voice “angelic”. This track would be perfect for when you’re about to eat ice cream or have sex, even though they’re pretty much the same thing.

Dada Life- Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Cazzette Approaching Starry Homes Mix)

Speaking of nice weather, it’s officially day drink season (if you’re in school still… actually you can still day drink even if you’re not in school it’s just frowned upon by society) and this is without a doubt just perfect for the occasion. The vocals are what really makes the track, and whenever it’s dropped people completely lose their shit. The original mix works too, but the Cazzette one just goes a little harder with the drop and was often times the one that was played when the track was made 3 years ago. Well that does it for this weeks TBT, I think I’m going to have a beer, or 12.