Dillon Francis’ New Music Video Is A Modern Marvel

Dillon fucking Francis man. Gotta love him, in a genre where so many people wear and say the same exact things, Francis keeps it fresh and has a lot of fun with it. Well, in his newest music video for his track ‘Not Butter’ he might even have a little too much fun. Check the video below:

WOAH! This video really took me back, exactly like the parties we used to have in college. Pure sex, literally.  This exact video happened like 4 times a week in my frat house, nbd. But for real it’s great and refreshing to see Francis poking some fun at the overly cliche and expected themes of the genre. Everything’s jump! and party! and hot girls! This video nails it and pretty much mocks how absurd some of it gets. Well played, Dillon Francis. Might be the most raunchy thing I’ve seen since the infamous ‘Tip Drill’ porno/ music video. If you don’t know what that is then that just means your parents did a way better job of raising you than the rest of us. I’ll just leave that here too, don’t say Gratzfeed never taught you anything.

New Music Monday

It’s a great fucking time to be a fan of electronic music right now. Tons of new music coming out of EDC Vegas this past weekend and a bunch of big artists with new releases. This week, I have two picks in particular that are total musts, Hardwell’s newest compilation pack as well as Sandro Silva and Quintino’s latest banger.

‘Hardwell Presents Revealed Volume 6’ is the most recent in a standout series of compilations from Hardwell’s industry powerhouse label. Volume 6 comes completely stacked with massive tracks from some of the craziest producers around now. Familiar faces include W&W and Thomas Newson, while newcomers include jungle terror pioneer Wiwek, and Alpharock who’s been on a production tear as of late. This is one of the best albums in a while, it has all the essential tracks Hardwell and the crew have been using in their sets this festival season, definitely need to have this bad boy in your library.

Next up we have the latest collaboration between Sandro Silva and Quintino, who obviously already teamed up to bring us one of the most popular songs of the genre with ‘Epic’ back in 2011. Now they bring us ‘Aftermath’ a welcome sequel featuring a the same style we loved from their previous work. This beast is out now on Spinnin Records.

Tai & Scott Storch- Brick Wall Ft. Hell Yes

Scott Storch has to be one of my favorite people in the music industry. He’s a jew who used to live in Cherry Hill who balls the fuck out and makes amazing beats. Seriously, the dude is really talented and he produced tracks that were essential to our teenage years like ‘Candy Shop’ and ‘Lean Back’. Now, he’s getting into the electronic scene and linked up with German based (Jews and Germans linking up, we’ve come so far) Tai to bring us ‘Brick Wall’. Storch’s talents clearly crossover between genres as this one is a well produced, legitimate banger. The second drop is fucking silly and this was even released on Sander Van Doorn’s own Doorn Records. ‘Brick Wall’ is available now.