Purari & Centineo- Charge (Original Mix)

March is a fun time of the year in dance music for both producers and fans alike. Whether you’re in Miami for Ultra or not it’s a prime opportunity for artists to preview and sample their upcoming releases to the masses as they look to get a head start on capturing a buzz for their own sounds of the summer. Well it’s not even March yet and already Purari and Centineo have released some heavy duty music. ‘Charge’ is what those in the biz would call a “fucking banger”. The track shines the whole way through from it’s hard hitting drop to it’s well crafted breakdown, only to hit you in the face with that violent drop once again. Whether he’s behind the decks in Hoboken or in the studio producing, Purari is most certainly a young talent to watch and this release with Centineo adds to a hot start in 2017. ‘Charge’ is available now on Loko Sound Records.

Jackass Stiffs Belmar Waitress, Writes ‘LOL’ On Receipt

So a Rutgers student was waitressing at D’jais (one of the Jersey shore’s cornerstone establishments, WHOOSH!) when she received a rather cruel surprise as compensation for her services. Instead of a tip, she looked at the receipt to see ‘1 hour for food LOL’ instead of a numerical amount.

“On Aug. 17, Jess Jones of Belmar, a 2013 Manasquan High School graduate, was waiting on a party of eight people at the landmark restaurant and night club on Ocean Avenue. After the $112.03 bill was paid for by credit card, Jones discovered that her customers had left her no tip. Instead, the texting acronym “LOL” — for laughing out loud — was written on the tip line of the receipt next to the words, “1 hour for food.”


First and foremost I would like to start by saying this was NOT me or any of my associates. I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff at the shore bars (and taxis and pretty much everywhere else) but this is beyond my realm of fuckery, plus D’jais food has been shelved by the clique after Nana and I bonded via backyard throw up session after consuming calamari BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. The point is that this just ain’t cool. Listen, I hate bad service and sometimes even think you should tip less if the waitress is incompetent or rude (maybe 15% instead of 20%) but stuff like this should never happen. My whole thing with this is that it happened at D’JAIS. For those who don’t know D’jais is a bar/night club type place with a small outdoor seating area to eat. Nobody goes to D’jais for top notch cuisine or the service, you go to D’jais to get drunk and try to stick your dick in something. It’s the friggen shore, there’s plenty of nice places to enjoy a meal and the fish taste you want from D’jais ain’t the kind you see on the menu if you catch my drift (and hopefully not anything else). This is basically the equivalent to going to Mcdonalds and complaining about the salad. Poor girl is just trying to earn some paper so she too can play down the shore and have some fun. While it does suck for the waitress I am familiar with that Karma chick and trust me, she can be a total bitch.

You can check out the full story right here:


Gratz’s Guestlist 9

It’s officially that time of the year, once 5:00 hits you’re out the fucking door and in your car on the way to getting some beer in your hand and some sand in your toes. Whether you’re hitting a shore bar, the city, wherever, Gratzfeed has the soundtrack to your weekend ready to go. This week we feature new music by Quintino, Headhunterz, and a personal favorite sicko of mine, Olly James. Enjoy!

Fellow Degenerates Rejoice: HQ Plans Its Comebacky

May was already starting to start to look really promising. We got Mayweather/ Pacquiao, Djais frolicking with the guidos, EDC with the girls with daddy issues, and now it’s about to reach a whole new level of ignorance. As you may have heard, Revel Casino has been purchased by Florida investor Glenn Straub and it’s been finally finalized, donezo kudoro.

Allow me to provide a brief history lesson. HQ was the club inside the Revel Casino. HQ was the best club in AC by a landslide. It’s where the miscreants jumped around in general admission without a care in the world and where the rich romped around flaunting their wealth without any real regard for anyone or anything in VIP. It’s where the top DJs spun in AC, Tiesto, Afrojack and even Paul Oakenfold all took the decks there. It was 21 to enter but once you entered you could act like a fucking 12 year old.

Well, word on the street is that despite no date set for the actual casino to open, HQ (which isn’t owned by Revel, it’s owned by the same company that runs Hakkasan in Vegas) the club is set to open on May 15. Fuck. Yes. First we get news that Taco Bell could deliver then HQ opening back up in May!? What’s next, Chick Fil A is open on Sundays? HQ also has a day counterpart called HQ Beach Club which is an outdoor day party spot, if that’s going to be open for this summer then we’re in fucking business (literally). So yeah, right now it’s looking like May 15th as a start date for HQ, we’ll keep you posted as always with any new developments. In the meantime, it’s time to lose some weight, morals, and standards for what’s shaping up to be a raucous Summer ’15.