I Can’t Express How Excited We Should All Be For The New Calvin Harris Album

When it comes to producing, I’m not sure if anyone can currently touch Calvin Harris. Dude is that talented. His ability to make hit after hit and produce mainstream music that is not only tolerable but really well made is something I marvel at time and time again. Today the superstar DJ/producer dropped a huge announcement regarding his next project. Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.10.13 AM.png

Pretty self explanatory.  As you can see from the image above, there’s a video in the tweet that name drops all of the features on the album and the cast is absolutely star studded. Frank Ocean. Travis Scott. Kehlani. Pharrell. Katy Perry. Big Sean. John Legend. Migos. Schoolboy Q. Ariana Grande. Young Thug. D.R.A.M. Nicki Minaj. Lil Yachty. Jessie Reyez. PARTYNEXTDOOR. Snoop Dogg. Not to mention Future and Khalid who’s track can be heard as the minute and thirty four second clip plays.

Speaking of the clip, just that little snippet makes me on the verge of physically being unable to contain myself from waiting until June 30th. I need to drop what I’m doing and throw on a clean white short sleeved button down, some shades, hit a rooftop bar and grab a couple of mimosas and just enjoy life. You know what? Screw blogging. I think I’m going to take my credit card and get myself a villa on a private island and never come back to the states until collections literally comes and drags me home like David Dao.

As I mentioned before, I think Calvin Harris is one of the most talented people when it comes to making good music. The fact that he’s working with such a diverse group of artists who each possess very different styles and sounds and producing (what I’m banking on will be) high quality music is a feat few can pull off. Get ready for Summer, Calvin Harris’ new album is dropping June 30th.

Top 5 Tracks Of The Summer With Gratz And Akhil

I remember boarding a flight to Miami in March amped out of my mind to hear all the new music that would be the soundtrack to the ensuing summer. Well, summer came and went at a pace quicker than Martin Garrix’s rise to fame with a fuck ton of new tracks that we’ll still be listening to months from now. From pregames to nightclubs, car rides to just jamming out in the bedroom alone, Gratzfeed is counting down the best tracks of the summer. The best part, we’ve brought in Gratzfeed musical/ life companion, DJ Akhil in for a second opinion. It isn’t a weekend if Akhil isn’t hit up by somebody scrambling to find a new playlist or tune, so you know you’re in good hands. With so many tracks it was hard to pick just a handful of them, but after many discussions, re-listening and thought, here are the top tracks of Summer 2015.


Martin Garrix vs. Matisse & Sadko- Dragon (Original Mix)
If you haven’t heard this track yet, then clearly you haven’t been productive at all this summer. Martin Garrix, the 19 year old sicko EDM prodigy, truly delivers on this one with fellow sickos Matisse & Sadko. Previously featured on Gratzfeed, Dragon is a bone-chilling, tear-jerking, Nana-hugging anthem. Every time I hear the breakdown I want to stop everything I’m doing and reflect on my life, as if everything is okay in this world. Garrix yet again masters an infectious melody with a hard-hitting drop that just makes you smile ear to ear. Definitely a top record in my book.
Ftampa & The Fish House- 031 (Original Mix)
Okay, full Gratzfeed disclosure: before listening to this, please wear any protective apparel you may have. This might be one of the most skull-smashing worthy tracks I have heard to date. A straight dance floor banger. With support from heavy hitters like Hardwell, Sander Van Doorn and the DJ from Headliner, this track seriously gets the crowd moving. It didn’t get much festival play, but it is no doubt one of my favorites of the summer and possibly this year. Good shit Ftampa.
DallasK- Retrograde (Original Mix)
For those who know our CEO, Brandon Gratz and myself, you know we are big fans of Revealed Recordings; pretty much everything and everyone under that label. To no surprise Revealed had a stellar summer, but the one record that stood out of the crowd, was this bad boy. I could only imagine what DallasK was drinking, smoking, and/or inhaling while making this but holy shit he knocked this one out of the park. Right off the bat, Retrograde provides a hook that you can’t help tap your foot or clap your hands too. With the signature DallasK sharpness and gritty build up, this track truly exemplifies an electro bomb. Definitely give this one a listen and don’t complain when there is a massive hole in the wall from your cranium.
Zedd ft Jon Bellion- Beautiful now 
Say what you will, but Zedd is one of the best in the game. His ability to make records in his own style and still make them radio friendly (but not cheesy) is unmatched. Yes yes I know…every time I hear clarity I wanna ram a clenched fist through my car radio too, but his new album changed the game. Beautiful Now offers amazing vocals, along with a catchy break still incorporating the electro style of Zedd. He keeps the pace moving with a lyrical track and makes it perfect for festivals, clubs and 96.5. Out of every EDM track released in the Mainstream world, this one topped my list.
The Chainsmokers- Roses 
This was literally the epitome of a summer jam. The hilarious and indie style duo-The Chainsmokers seriously killed it with this one. Just listening to it, you can hear how distinct and different it is from a lot of progressive tracks being released. Not much to say for this, except just listen for yourself and I guarantee you’ll fall in love. What a jam.
Notable mentions:
Don Diablo- On My Mind (Original Mix)
Dannic vs Tom & Jame- Clap (Original Mix)
Calvin Harris ft Disciples- How Deep Is Your Love (Original Mix/ R3hab Remix)
Headhunterz ft. Crystal Lake- Live Your Life (Original Mix)
DallasK- Retrograde (Original Mix)
This one really grew on me as Akhil played it more than a radio DJ played ‘Where Are U Now’. This track has it all, a really unique and catchy breakdown followed by an energetic, party starting drop that never fails to send whoever is in the building into a fucking frenzy. DallasK has had a meteoric rise in the industry recently working with both Hardwell and Tiesto but this solo production is probably the young producers best one to date.
Chocolate Puma- I Could Be Wrong (Original Mix)
Deep house has really gained popularity and exposure this summer and Chocolate Puma are two legends of the genre. With ‘I Could Be Wrong’ it was the groovy vocal sample that instantly had me hooked. Combine that with an infectious piano sample and a funky drop and you have the perfect recipe for a track with high replay value, insanely high replay value.
Twoloud Vs Mojjjo x Mind’CD-  Objectif (Original Mix)
Like I Could Be Wrong, ‘Objectif’ is another groovy track except with a much more progressive take. Nowadays, at least in my opinion, a lot of progressive tracks sound the same with many containing cheesy lyrics about bright lights and the sun and love and feelings and all that annoying shit. Objectif, while just an instrumental, was able to bring out more emotion than any of those radio sounding anthems. Each track is going to have a different impact on a listener but this one made me imagine dancing on a secluded tropical island as the sun went down (I know, I know) with a bunch of people just having a great time. Similar to DallasK, twoloud (composed of two sickos) were brought to the limelight by Tiesto and Hardwell, further evidencing their power as influencers in the industry.
Ftampa & The Fish House- 031 (Original Mix)
This was probably my favorite track overall this summer. Gratzfeed as you know is all about the bangers and that’s exactly what this one is, a fucking big room banger. I mean what do you expect from a track that made its debut on the mainstage of Tomorrowland? This one was released on Sander Van Doorn’s ‘Doorn Records’ which had one of the most impressive summers from any label this summer. Ftampa  (who was mainly discovered by Hardwell, are you starting to notice a theme here?) who has had many great tracks in the past, but this was definitely his best work to date and served as an indicator that the young Brazilian producer should be around for the long haul.
Qulinez- Hookah (Original Mix)
Another super banger, this track has done what is seemingly the trendy thing to do now, using that Egyptian-ish style sound except this track does it better than most who have taken a stab at it. The first drop is a fast paced crowd destroyer while the second part flips the script and slows it down with a filthy trap inspired drop. This is a catchy, aggressive track that I know I’ll continue to listen to for a while.
Notable mentions:
Firebeatz- Samir’s Theme 2015 (Original Mix)
Lucky Date ft. Sabrina Signs- I Like You (Original Mix)
Headhunterz ft. Crystal Lake- Live Your Life (Original Mix)

Top 5 Most Rutgers Songs Ever (Or At Least For When I Was There)

Ok so it’s that time where everyone starts posting sentimental shit about how they’re graduating and starting a new chapter and being a real person and all that sappy shit, and sometimes a nigga can’t help but reminisce on their own time at school and relive some memories. Music is a big part of college and a big part of Gratzfeed. The type of music you listen to can be an indicator of what kind of friends you have, what kind of places you go, and for a lot of people and institutions music contributes to their overall identity. I know Gratzfeed has millions of readers from schools all over the world, but for this post we’re sticking strictly to the filthiest, grimiest school ever, good old Rutgers. There’s been a lot of crazy ass music that we’ve all embarrassed ourselves to over the years, but these are songs that are just… well…Rutgers. In no order the top 5 most Rutgers songs are:

Stromae featuring Kanye West- Alors On Dance

Any normal (interpretive) kid wants to know what the party scene at their school is actually like. Is it like the movies? Can you actually approach a girl from behind and rub your dick on them and they go for it? My friends showed me this video of a place called “Zeta” which I’ve heard scary things about, kind of like how a mother warns a kindergartener about what happens if you don’t eat your vegetables. This was the song playing for it and the video was pure brilliance. Pretty much perfectly summed up what a Rutgers party is all about : sweat, yelling, cheap alcohol, people standing on raised surfaces, etc. I spent entirely way too much time trying to dig up the original video but of course I couldn’t find it. Footage like that is rare, definitely too valuable to just stay there out in the open on the internet. I would say luckily we have memories of the actual parties themselves, but unfortunately thats not the case, that would have been nice though.

Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso featuring Ryan Tedder- Calling

DUNNA NUH NUH NUH DUNNA NUH NUH NUH DUNNA…… this one, as they said in Blades of Glory (and Niggas In Paris), “it gets the people going!”. Seriously it didn’t matter how fucked up your cerebral cortex was, everyone was able to somehow sing the melody of this song in unison. That’s what made it so great, it was the perfect sing a long, except without the words because drinking travelers club/burnetts makes it really fucking difficult to do the whole words thing. It was also a great beat to slam things on to as well. Like while your chanting you could be smashing a bottle or your fist against the wall. Eventually, there was a version with words and if you were able to physically utter them, they were truly a blast. Also bonus points because Alesso was pretty much the first big electronic act to come to Rutgers right when the genre really got big. Nothing will be as disturbing as the people in the RAC that night, not even the basketball team themselves.

Bobby Shmurda- Hot Nigga

Personally, this song made me feel many types of ways. In addition to making me want to reenact an episode of gangland, it definitely made me despise every white female in the world. But for real, everyone loved this one, it was the highlight of every pregame, every party, every person knew every word, just a straight up raucous time. It even had it’s own shmoney dance (that some did way better than others) which was just straight up silly, but just the kind of silly a college party needs.


Diplo Featuring Nicky B- Express Yourself

Ok so there were a few other songs I was thinking of going with here. Avicii’s ‘Seek Bromance’ was huge, Meek Mill’s ‘House Party’ was probably directly responsible for at least half of all new std cases, and ‘Wagon Wheel’ while cliche as fuck is well, Wagon Wheel. However, Express Yourself started a whole new movement, the twerking movement. You know that table of girls in the library with their hair tied using a highlighter on some ratty book? Well, come night time their hands were on the floor and their feet were against a decrepit wall shaking their ass faster than a cop shuts down a day drink. There was no shame. None. While a lot of those girls now are dressed in business casual five times us a week, we’ll never forget the time where they twerked with their g-string out to some Diplo in college.


Rihanna (And Calvin Harris)- We Found Love

“We found love in a hopeless place”, that is Rutgers my friends. I’ve been to some shitty fucking places in my life and New Brunswick is pretty up there as far as the most disgusting. Whether it be walking downstairs to finding homeless people chilling right in your living room, or places like “The Hub”, or having to ask your friend “was that fireworks or…?”, New Brunswick was pretty damn repulsive. Even the Chipotle there doesn’t taste as good for some reason. However, despite the high levels of ratchetivity, a lot of people have found a lot of love in this place. People have found their friends, their significant others, and yes, even their fiancees (I know!) in this morose setting. Truly amazing how people can come from the nicest places and end up making their strongest allies in the shittiest location. Hold up. Fuck. Sorry, let me stop being all sappy for a second… the song itself really bumped too. Definitely the definitive anthem of the 2011 tailgate season. Wait did I just say 2011? On that note, gotta run, gotta find something more profitable than blogging about fucking twerking, peace.