Should The Eagles Pursue Richard Sherman?

For the past few years Richard Sherman has been one of the most recognizable names in professional football. Whether it’s him being a part of one of the best Superbowl winning defenses in recent memory or his fiery, charged up controversial interviews, Sherman has been as prevalent a face as there’s been in the NFL. For perhaps a few reasons, the Seahawks seem relatively open to trading the cornerback who this past season was named to his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl. I’m not here to discuss those reasons. There’s one thing and one thing only that matters in my eyes. How does this affect the Eagles. I feel that despite the Seahawks open willingness to discuss a deal for him, nobody seems to be taking it too seriously. At least as of now. But I bring this to light for a few reasons, the most fundamental being that Eagles could actually really benefit from a player like Sherman. For the heck of it, let’s break this down the simple way…



The Eagles desperately need a cornerback. Last year their secondary woes were too dire to ignore. As bad as their cornerback situation was, where we stand now, it’s worse. The Eagles have cut Leodis Mckelvin. Nolan Carroll is gone too and while those will ultimately probably be good moves for the birds, they still have to find someone to fill the void. The Eagles play in a division where they have to face Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall twice. It’s imperative to find at least one player that has either elite production or potential. The Eagles are probably considering a corner in the first (as well as other positions) so it might make sense to get one that’s established.

He never gets hurt. Seriously, by some freakish chance, one of the most aggressive players in the league has not missed a game yet. He’s started in every one since he became the starter his rookie year. Having a player that doesn’t get hurt often is such a valuable asset to a team, especially one that is trying to win and figures to be in the mix for a playoff berth down the stretch. Not only would the Eagles be able to fill a void, they would be able to do it with someone they can rely on week in and week out.

His intensity is a match for Philly. Richard Sherman is one of those guys you love to hate…unless he’s on your team. Say what you want about his personality but there is absolutely no denying the mans passion for the game. Philly fans would eat that up like cheesesteaks and crab fries. A few big plays on D combined with some wins and Sherman could have the city in the palm of his hands.

His price is going down. The reason I started to ponder this was because I read that the Seahawks could be dropping his asking price. First they wanted a player and a high pick. Now they apparently want a first round pick and a conditional mid round pick later (which could be OK if that means he’s on the team for at least a couple of years). Profootballtalk suggested it could eventually drop to just a first. Instead of using a pick to draft someone who might be good the Eagles could get one who’s already proven he’s elite.



He makes too much money. One of the reasons Seattle is likely open to trading him is because of his expensive price. The Eagles as they stand now wouldn’t have enough to take on his salary without cutting or trading additional players. Still, for a team that was supposed to be cash strapped the Eagles seemed to manage pretty well in free agency. Howie Roseman and his guys have a remarkable ability to work around the parameters of the league’s salary cap. So while as of now it would seem pretty unlikely they could afford him, if there’s anyone who could make it work it’s Howie Roseman.

He’s 29. As I mentioned before Sherman has made the Pro Bowl the past four years. But everyone knows the day comes eventually where a player loses that elite step. You don’t want to mortgage a part of your future if you think that day is sooner rather than later. Does Sherman probably have at least a few good years left in him? That’s very reasonable to believe. But let’s be honest this team is built around Carson Wentz and his future. It may be foolish to acquire too many veterans for stopgap roles instead of grooming young players who could be a core part of this team for years to come.

The Eagles could lose valuable players. If the Seahawks end up being firm and demand additional players with a first round pick then would it be worth it? What if that meant not having Jason Peters protecting Wentz’s blindside? There are certainly expendable players on the Eagles roster but there are also a lot of players I wouldn’t be excited about parting with either, especially if it means adding the 14th overall pick too.

His personality could pose some problems. Sherman is known to be a fierce competitor and quite outspoken on a number of issues. He’s played in Seattle his whole career where he’s quite familiar with his teammates and coaches. It’s fair to question how he would handle a situation he didn’t approve of in Philadelphia. What if he doesn’t agree with a scheme or assignment or decision? Could that potentially cause distractions? Issues in the locker room? That could be a risky proposition to gamble on for a 29 year old corner.

Verdict: Surprisingly, I think the Eagles should at least be interested in trading for Sherman. They need a corner, badly. Sherman plays the position at an elite level and while his production might drop they could probably still get a few good years out of him. His veteran leadership would be of great value too, considering this is a young squad still learning how to compete and play in the NFL. He’s a SuperBowl champion and he brings that championship mentality week in and week out. While his demeanor could spark some drama I ultimately think that at the end of the day Sherman just wants to win. I would want that attitude on my team. It would be risky sending away a high pick but at least you’re getting someone reliable in return. I wouldn’t want to send additional players in the deal unless the team strongly feels they would be able to win without them on the team. He’s expensive but if Howie Roseman can figure out a way to afford him then why not? The Eagles could be targeting offense at 14 but let us not forget gems at the running back position can often be found in the second and third rounds and even beyond. I would like to get another young corner to pair with Jalen Mills but drafting one later to learn from Sherman sounds like it could be a wise move too. Overall if the Eagles couldn’t swing a deal to land Sherman it wouldn’t be the end of the world. It would be exciting to keep our first round pick and draft a promising prospect that could be on the Eagles for years to come. But if the price comes down to maybe just a first round pick or even less and the Eagles could figure out a way to afford him, then I’d do it.   It would unquestionably immediately make the defense better. It would help them as they try to make the playoffs in Doug Pederson’s second year as head coach. He’s 29 but won’t turn 30 until after next season ends. Combine that with his healthy past and veteran presence and I think the Eagles would be foolish to at least not try to make a deal work.


I Fully Support Any Team That Runs Up The Score In The NBA

It’s no secret the NBA has undergone a drastic transformation from a league of true bruisers to a bunch of AAU babies. Gone are the days of Ron Artest running into the stands to beat the hell out of a heckling fan. Gone are the days of Kevin Garnett making fun of Charlie Villanueva because he had a hair loss condition completely out of his control. Gone are the days of Latrell Sprewell putting his NBA sized mitts around the neck of his head coach in practice and effectively choking the shit out of him. We’re in an age now where elite players leave their old teams to join the one that beat them the previous year. An age where the highest level of trash talk happens not on the hardwood, but on Twitter from teams social media coordinators. There’s a new trend starting to happen around the league now that has caught my attention. Players now get mad when an opposing team or player “disrespects” them by running up the score or taking a late three pointer or the like. There have been two instances just this past week alone.

First, with the Warriors up by about a bajillion points over the Wizards with mere seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Warriors backup center JaVale McGee shot a three pointer with 4.8 seconds left because the shot clock was expiring only to be shoved to the ground by Wizards guard (another backup) Brandon Jennings. Jennings received a flagrant 1 for the play. Via ESPN:

“Yep, totally agree,” Wizards guard John Wall said when asked whether the Warriors treated the game disrespectfully in the closing minutes. “Whenever a team is up like that, supposedly, you just hold the ball and take a shot-clock violation. So, what Brandon did, I don’t think it was dirty. I think it was the right play. You don’t let nobody try to embarrass you and I think that’s what they were trying to do.”

You don’t let nobody try to embarrass you? You lost 139-115. Might be a bit late for that. You know what’s disrespectful? Raising ticket prices for the playoffs so your fanbase can watch a team that gave up 139 points in 48 minutes. I mean do I love the fact that JaVale McGee shot a three as the shot clock expired? No. I strongly dislike the Warriors and everyone knows you let the shot clock expire in that situation. But to get so hurt for something that has zero impact on the outcome of a game is kind of ridiculous to me. Take your loss and let them be immature and focus on how you’re not going to give up 139 points again in the future. This is the NBA. You don’t like it? Play better. Simple as that.


Then just days after that the Raptors and Pacers squared off in what turned out to be Lance Stephenson’s first home game since rejoining his former team. Shit hit the fan after he added another layup with 3.3 seconds left in the game with his team already winning by 16 points. A melee ensued as the game came to a close and three players received technical fouls. Now maybe adding an emphatic basket in the games closing seconds is a bad look. But it was Stephenson’s first game back in Indiana. Emotions were running high. They’re fighting for their playoff lives. But here’s the kicker…they were losing by 19 points in the first half. NINETEEN. Your team is losing 45-26 in a crucial game. You end up with a double digit lead with the crowd going absolutely crazy in the fourth. It’s not disrespect as much a celebration. When NBA teams win the championship should they still have confetti pour down? Wouldn’t that hurt the losers feelings? Athletes getting paid millions and millions of dollars and they’re complaining because they feel disrespected because they squandered their opportunity to win.


But doesn’t this go against my initial point that players were tougher a few years ago? Shouldn’t I want to see reactions after a player feels disrespected? No. I just can’t see Kevin Garnett shoving someone because someone poured on a layup in a blowout. Mostly because I can’t envision a team with Garnett having that kind of lackluster effort that would put them in such a position in the first place. I also can’t see a team that would be stupid enough to test them like that knowing that future payback would be unpleasant to say the least.

The thing with these incidents is that there are other ways to show your pride and not get disrespected. How about play defense? You’re still allowed to block the three pointer or guard that final layup. Just because the game is decided doesn’t mean it’s technically over until the clock hits :00 right? Or you can play better earlier? Not blow a huge lead? Not give up a bajillion gazillion points? Something?

I’m A Little Disappointed By The New Food Offerings At Citizen’s Bank Park

The Phillies have officially announced their additions to the almighty food department down at the ballpark this year. Gratzfeed is a little underwhelmed.

Via CSN Philly:

“The first one that jumps out is a new hoagie offering from the very reliable Primo Hoagies, which will be located in Ashburn Alley. Primo Hoagies will offer a variety of hot and cold sandwiches on their fresh baked breads.

While Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries are often the most coveted item at Philly sporting events, it will have some competition in the French fry department this season. South Philly Shareable Stak will be located behind section 120 and offer boardwalk style fries with the option of topping them with in-house roast pork, sharp provolone cheese sauce, cherry pepper aioli or chopped roasted long hots.

One of the more interesting additions is The Mac Shack behind section 122, which will offer house-made mac and cheese with a number of different toppings. Pretty much everyone loves some mac and cheese but I’m curious to see how that translates to a ballpark snack.

Veggie lovers will surely be excited to try the Farmer’s Market Grain Bowl that features toasted red quinoa, brown rice, sweet peppers, cucumbers, radish, baby herbs, and is finished with honey-balsamic vinaigrette. Also new this year is a Falafel Sandwich.

There will also be some new kiosks at Zoom Foods behind section 126, which is described as “the next step in the evolution of stadium food & beverage service, featuring customer-facing, self-ordering kiosks — improving guest experience and speed of transaction time.”

Other existing vendors with new offerings include pulled chicken option from Bull’s BBQ, new signature Hatfield hot dogs including pork roll as a dog topper, as well as new options at Harry the K’s.”


Look the Phillies are most likely going to be a middling .500 team this season. If I’m going to the ballpark this year food is going to be a major reason why. I will gladly miss three innings of baseball to get my hands on some Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries. Primo Hoagies are great but they have become so prevalent in the tristate area that their hoagies are not going to be the reason I overpay for food at a Phillies game. I eat Primo like I drink water or breathe oxygen. The Shareable Shak fries sound pretty good but as I alluded to earlier crab fries will always be king. With that said roast pork topped fries are going to have to be consumed at some point so I’d say this is one of the more exciting options being added. Homemade mac and cheese sounds pretty appealing too but I don’t know how I feel about sitting in the hot sun while dripping sweat eating some gooey mac and cheese creation. Then there’s the “Farmer’s Market Grain Bowl”. Pass. Hard pass. Donovan McNabb throwing a laser into the ground type pass. Toasted red quinoa? Brown rice? We’re talking about ballpark food right? And then there’s the falafel sandwich. Another pass. I appreciate the effort to add some diversity so I won’t hate too much on that one but….

Where is the crazy heart attack inducing menacing scary stuff?? Ok the fries with pork and cheese sauce are cool. Everyone likes mac and cheese. But where are the sextuple burgers with smoked brisket and bacon with donuts as rolls? Where are the 4 foot hot dogs wrapped in chicken fingers? I read an article highlighting all of the barbaric new foods around the league and the Phillies add Primo and quinoa? The Royals are out there showing off their Pulled Pork Patty melt complete with pulled pork, fried onion, shredded cheddar, Monterey jack, BACON and jalapenos and the Phillies are excited to announce a grain bowl?!?!?!?!?! I want the stuff that gets you so messed up that by the second inning you don’t know who’s playing or how to even stand up. Last time I checked the Phillies ballpark is in South Philly, not Fishtown. I mean everyone knows the best time to go to a Phillies game is for dollar dog night where you grossly indulge in dollar hot dogs but the Phillies don’t have nearly as many as they should. Luckily the Phillies have an already solid pre-existing menu around the park so this isn’t the end of the world. At the end of the day you can never go wrong with the simple baseball fare such as hot dogs and ice cream in a helmet. Just a heads up that there is some work to do for 2018. Both on and off the field.


You can check out the full article right here:

Breaking Down The Trade That Sent Nerlens Noel To Dallas

As I sit here and write this I glance out my window. The sun is out and it’s 73 degrees in February. Yet for some reason morale isn’t as high as it should be. It’s like there is this ominous, imaginary cloud looming over Philadelphia. This is because for the umpteenth time in this new era of Sixers basketball, it appears they have taken a step backward. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia may be the name of a popular TV show but ask any Sixers fan and I’ll bet they beg to differ.

Yesterday was the NBA trade deadline. Let me first rewind a couple weeks back to what the general consensus was regarding what the Sixers would do. Joel Embiid looks great when he’s healthy, he’s hurt now but we’re definitely keeping him. A stud in the making, he’s not going anywhere. Nerlens Noel might not be the best rebounder and he certainly doesn’t intimidate on offense, but at 22 he’s an elite defender and has shown great improvement as someone who can be a defensive stalwart for a long time, health considered as always. Plus, he’s been here for four years and while he’s had his moments of immaturity (what 22 year old hasn’t?) he’s handled the losing situation as well as anyone could and actually seemed like he enjoyed and embraced playing in Philadelphia, especially as of late. Jahlil Okafor hasn’t played as well as the other two bigs. He doesn’t defend well and his effort and passion is questioned at times. Yes he can be a potential 20 point scorer but with a big man logjam he appears to be the odd man out. That’s not to say Jahlil can’t be a valuable NBA player though. He’s only 21 and was a third overall pick. Maybe a change of scenery would be best for all parties involved. No hard feelings, no harm no foul. Despite his underwhelming play, his attractive contract situation and age and potential should still make him quite valuable to other NBA teams. Or so one would think. Best of luck Jahlil, but you’re going to be traded.


Nerlens seemed to enjoy representing Philly basketball…

And what actually happens? They keep Okafor, trade Noel…DUH! Not only did they trade Noel, they traded him to the Mavericks for a lottery protected, first round pick. That pick is all but certain to end up not even being a first round pick but instead dissolve into two second round picks. They did however get a player too, Justin Anderson. Anderson is a 6’6 wing player who is known for his length (7 foot wingspan) and defense as he’s able to D up other big bodies on the wing. But 20 teams passed on Anderson in the 2015 draft. And he couldn’t crack the Mavs rotation… and Dallas is 22-34. Quite like Jahlil Okafor, league insiders believe that Anderson just needed a change of scenery, which he was given with being traded to the Sixers.

Honestly, I’m not even mad the Sixers traded Noel. He figures to ask for and receive close to, if not a maximum contract. If the Sixers didn’t think he would be an essential part of a championship contending team then I can live with that. Plus, if they plan on having Embiid be their center long term then they just aren’t going to pay big money to two centers. Wasn’t going to happen. I like Nerlens too and am a fan of his but at the end of the day I just want the Sixers to be a winner and if they think they have to get rid of certain players to get there then I’m fine with that. What ENRAGES me however is the compensation they received for Noel. Two second round picks? I’d rather have two sides of cheese for my bucket of crab fries. Justin Anderson can be a solid player, heck maybe he can be elite for all I know. But he was drafted 21st overall and as previously mentioned couldn’t get playing time on a crappy team. Nerlens would have been the de facto number 1 pick in his draft had he not get injured prior. It’s not that I’m down on Anderson but it’s just impossible and straight up foolish to say his value equals anything close to Nerlens Noel. I get it, the Sixers had to move him if they weren’t going to pay him instead of getting nothing, but they should have figured this out and acted on it sooner. Also, here’s a thought, why not just pay him? If they gave him a near max or max deal as long as he plays how he’s playing he would still be trade-able in the future. You don’t think a team would take on his contract if they thought he was an important fit? The fact that he was a restricted free agent is what hurt his value because he could leave after the season but why inflict pain on yourself for another teams problem? ALSO, Joel Embiid missed TWO whole seasons before playing this year. He STILL  hasn’t proven he can stay on the court with a minute restriction, let alone for a full NBA season. AM I TAKING CRAZY PILLS? I love the dude, I really love Embiid but let’s be honest he’s injury prone. Knowing this and trading Nerlens Noel for what they did is just stunning to me. It’s baffling how these near max contract guys can be moved for such low returns. Demarcus Cousins potentially could have signed a contract worth 209 million dollars and gets traded for what many believe to be a low return. Nerlens Noel expects to sign a huge deal and gets traded for a couple second round picks and a dude drafted 21st overall. But then again I’m just a dude who blogs so what do I know? Bryan Colangelo was hired because he’s a “basketball guy” with better connections and relations with teams than Sam Hinkie and thus would be better suited to work out favorable deals. What happened to that?

As I sit here and finish this up today, not only is Nerlens Noel gone, word is that Joel Embiid will be out “indefinitely”. Ben Simmons will also be shut down for the rest of the year. Out of their last four top picks only Jahlil Okafor is currently playing on a regular basis. I’m not here to compare Sam Hinkie and Bryan Colangelo but I’ll say that with Hinkie even if we stunk at least there seemed to be a plan in place that would inevitably be fruitful to us in the future. Where we stand now, I’m not so sure if there’s even a plan. If there is it’s not very transparent and keeping  fans in the dark after this many seasons of intentional losing is disgraceful. It’s so frustrating because the Sixers tried to be bad these past few years so they can get these “assets”. Assets have turned to suspects. The Sixers suck at sucking. And that sucks.

Totally Radical Extreme Progressive Idea: Have The Super Bowl On Saturday

For a miserable Philly sports fan, I actually really enjoy the Super Bowl. I mean why not? Food, friends, family, degenerate gambling, the last 60 minutes (or more, clearly) of football that matters until September (ouch), the Super Bowl is a great American holiday that finds a unique balance of sports, entertainment and social life. There is one major flaw however that is holding the Super Bowl back from reaching it’s true potential and that is it being held on a Sunday.

Trust me, I get it. Football Sunday. Sundays are for the NFL. I know, I know. But having it on a Sunday limits the excitement rather than adding to it. People have to go to work the next day. People leave the party early. You have to limit your alcohol intake. You can’t go into a food coma until 11 am the next day. Imagine going out after the Super Bowl? Like using it as a pregame and betting with your friends non stop and then hitting the town and continuing to drink. You could celebrate your winnings immediately or use your last bit of cash to drown your sorrows, whichever. Sounds like a shit show that I would absolutely want to be a part of. Business would boom, bars and restaurants would make a killing, people would have the flexibility to watch the game in ways that they previously haven’t been able to do. You can easily make that long drive to watch with your college buddies since you can crash there after the game or you can stay up to watch the highlights and interviews and the celebrations and really take it in if you so choose. I mean really, would you rather talk about the game the next day with your friends or with 46 year old Debra from HR? It’s like there’s all this hype about the game and then you blink and before you know it Tom Brady is standing up there again with a trophy and you have to be up in 6 hours dressed and ready for work. It sucks.


Having it on Sunday does make it easier to prepare everything, but you could easily start your prep Friday night if need be or just pick up your stuff Saturday morning. I also can’t argue that Super Bowl Sunday is a tradition, but this country was built on progressive ideas and change (leave your snarky political comments out of this one). I think we can all get behind having the Super Bowl a day earlier if it benefits a majority of people. Food for thought. In other news I consumed entirely too much food and rotted in my bed until almost noon. Thankfully Gratzfeed is ahead of the curve and gave it’s employees a delayed opening today. Hopefully more companies will follow suit. Oh, or you could just make the Monday after the Super Bowl a National Holiday and give people off. That works too.

I Absolutely Loved Levi Jones’ Antics On National Signing Day

National Signing Day is kinda annoying. A lot of hype for something you know is going to be the same every year. Wow! Alabama, Florida State, Michigan, and the other same SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 schools have the best recruiting classes, shocker! I don’t follow high school football enough to know these kids all that well to really care or have an opinion on where they end up because at the end of the day you know which schools are going to be good regardless. There was one thing that caught my eye this year though and that’s 4 star linebacker recruit Levi Jones and his announcement for where he was going to take his talents. He first unzipped his jacket to reveal a Florida Gators shirt to a room full of applause, told everyone to chill, took it off and had a Florida State shirt on, took that off to finally show he was going to USC and capped it off by putting on the hat and sealing the deal. You can check out the video below.

Gotta love this dude am I right? At first I was like OK chill, but the more I thought about it the more I fell in love. Look, he’s going to USC. That schools more Hollywood than the stars on the ground themselves. They absolutely thrive on glitz and glamour and bullshit. You got Steve Sarkisian getting drunk at donor events, Reggie Bush illegally accepting thousands of dollars worth of illegal gifts, OJ Simpson being OJ friggen Simpson. No better way to start your time there than with showboat antics and acting out to get everyones attention. His hair is fucking yellow on the top like Odell Beckham Jr. You just know this guy is going to be a character, might as well get the party going immediately. Another underrated part is that the two schools he faked out were Florida and Florida State, basically just a big fuck you to the state of Florida. Can’t say I blame him on that one, Florida’s a strange, strange place. I’m pretty sure I see his headphones in his ears too. One of the biggest announcements of his life and he’s up there clowning around with earbuds in. Expecting big things from this kid. On the field? Maybe. Off the field? Definitely.

If The Falcons Don’t Play Any Future During Their Game They Deserve To Lose By 70

There’s nothing more annoying than all these “beefs” these days. So and So said this, sneak diss that, this person took an L. Most of my feeds nowadays are usually just sketchy media outlets speculating if two people are indeed “beefing” or not although it’s more likely than not just clickbait or a publicity stunt.

There is however a beef that is very much real and that’s between Russell Wilson and Future. If you lived under a rock during 2015/2016 (which might not have been a bad idea), rapper Future and singer Ciara were dating, they broke up, then she started a relationship with Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson. Future has made his disdain for Wilson very clear in the past and there are even pictures of Wilson with Future’s children.


Future is from Atlanta. The Seahawks travel to Atlanta to play the Falcons for their playoff game Saturday. Last year the Carolina Panthers understood this dynamic and played a whole bunch of Future. Wilson and the Seahawks lost that game and the Panthers marched on to the Superbowl. Falcons coach Dan Quinn said that “We will absolutely not go down that road”, referring to playing Future tracks to taunt the Seahawks. However, Falcons DJ, Jay Envy seems to have plans of his own as he posted a complete Future playlist as well as some words about how it’s Atlanta and he plays Future at every game and that he’s not going to not play certain music because of certain people. He also mentioned that nobody has contacted him saying he couldn’t play certain music so now I’m personally curious as to what’s going to happen Saturday in Atlanta. The post made by Jay Envy has since been deleted.

If the Falcons actually elect not to play Future then that would make them the softest team in the league’s history and deserve to lose by at least 70 points. This is the NFL. This is the league where people poke each other in the eyes and twist their guts at the bottom of a pileup. It’s where grown men run at full speed and tackle each other to the ground and severely injure each other in the process. You’re not going to play a hometown rapper because it makes the opposing player feel uncomfortable? Listen, I’m an Eagles fan. I don’t care about the Falcons or Seahawks. I just want the Cowboys to lose. But I do care about living in a world where people are afraid to exercise their right to do things they are perfectly allowed to do just because it makes one or two people uncomfortable. It’s the playoffs. One and done. You have to take advantage of every single edge you can get whether it actually works or not. It’s not like they’re poisoning their meals or paying off the refs. If you can legally get in the head of an opponent, one who has actually won a Superbowl at that, then you fucking do it. You play ‘March Madness’ and ‘Fuck Up Some Commas’ and ‘Stick Talk’ until Russell Wilson cries. You play ‘I Serve The Base’ and ‘Same Damn Time’ until Richard Sherman literally combusts on the sideline. The Falcons are the HOME TEAM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Do you let people come into your home and tell you what you can and can not do?  This is about more than just football, it’s the principle. Interested to see how this one unfolds…

Brent Musburger Wishes Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon Well, Receives Backlash

Last night the Oklahoma Sooners broke away from the Auburn Tigers, scoring 35 points against what was considered a good defense to win the Sugar Bowl in what ultimately became a route. A big part of the Sooners offense came from Joe Mixon’s 91 rushing yards and 89 receiving yards, both team leading numbers, respectively.

Mixon has been in the news recently after video recently surfaced of a 2014 incident in which he punched a female student and knocked her out cold, effectively breaking her jaw and cheekbone. The video was released after a court order and essentially shed light on how gruesome and brutal the attack was. However, Mixon was already disciplined for the altercation with the team deciding to redshirt him, which meant that he was basically forced to sit out a year and watch. Additionally he was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and to undergo counseling.


In the future, Mixon figures to be an NFL prospect. He is too talented as a football player for every team to pass on. He is going back to school for at least another year and by the time he enters the NFL draft his incident will be another year removed from the public eye and a team might value his on field performance over his character concerns and select him.

During the broadcast for last nights Sugar Bowl, longtime announcer took the opportunity to wish Mixon the best going forward.

“We’ve talked to the coaches and they all swear the young man is doing fine. … He’s just one of the best, and let’s hope, given a second chance by Bob Stoops and Oklahoma, let’s hope this young man makes the most of his chance and goes on to have a career in the National Football League.”

“Let me make something perfectly clear: What he did with that young lady was brutal, uncalled for, he’s apologized, he was tearful. He got a second chance. He got a second chance from Bob Stoops. I happen to pull for people with second chances, okay? Let me make it absolutely clear that I hope he has a wonderful career and he teaches people with that brutal, violent video, okay?”

Those words above have since been met with sharp criticism, with people slamming Musburger for…actually I’m honestly not quite sure why. I guess the consensus is that Musburger missed the opportunity to dissect an important topic and instead opted for a lighter take on a serious issue, choosing to simply wish the running back well going forward without really examining and analyzing the horror that occurred back in 2014. Also, some of his wording can be questioned, “…he’s apologized, he was tearful…” can be thought of as saying because he cried and apologized he should be forgiven for punching a woman in the face?

I, however, think the criticism towards Musburger is unfair. Musburger was simply taking the opportunity to wish a young man, who severely messed up, well going forward. I don’t think Musburger was making light of the situation, he acknowledged it and offered his support and even said that he hopes the video can be used as a tool to prevent similar occurrences from happening again. Could Musburger have talked more in depth about a serious issue and have done more to reiterate how heinous of an act it was? I guess, but he was calling a football game, what was he supposed to do stop calling what was happening on the field and instead give a lecture on domestic violence?

The first widespread instance of domestic abuse that really gained national attention was when Ray Rice punched his then fiancee, Janay Palmer, in the elevator of an Atlantic City Resort. Since the video, Ray Rice hasn’t played another down in the league. On the other hand, in 2007 superstar quarterback Mike Vick was arrested and convicted of running a dogfighting operation and was sentenced to 23 months in prison. When Vick was released from prison he continued to be vilified, especially from animal rights activists and organizations such as PETA. Still, the Philadelphia Eagles decided that he paid his time and should be given another shot in the NFL. With that opportunity Vick was able to return to form, if not better, and extended his career and was able to secure another multi million dollar contract in the process. Vick has also stayed out of headlines for pretty much anything negative and has since almost been embraced by fans, depending on who you’re talking to.

My question for you is which of these instances would you rather see in the future? Obviously you don’t want anybody to punch their fiancee or fight and harm animals but wouldn’t you want to see a fellow human being earn a chance to redeem themselves rather than not?  You might even make the argument that Ray Rice not getting a second chance has squandered the opportunity to bring more awareness to his respective situation, whereas Mike Vick, just by being a part of the league still, brought more attention to horrors of animal abuse. Like Vick and Rice, Mixon has served the punishment given to him.

My point here is that it’s a waste of energy to feel animosity towards an announcer who simply wished somebody the best going forward. I would feel remiss if I spent this whole article talking about an issue and not at least offering a solution. I think the focus going forward needs to be on the people and institutions who handle the punishments because slapping someone on the wrist essentially downplays the significance and perhaps enables other people, including the offender, to strike again. If Oklahoma brass knew about that video when they gave out their punishment then everyone involved needs to be held accountable and the ultimate way to do that would be to penalize those who botched it. How can they see a kid punch a girl in the face and not kick him off the team? Is it because they never thought the video would surface? Is it because they value bowl wins and on field success over setting a precedent? That is something that Brent Musburger perhaps could have examined. I strongly believe that if there was video footage of Mike Vick drowning a dog that he would never get a second chance again. Well, that was almost 10 years ago and things are so different now that we’re in generation where there’s always a camera or phone somewhere. It shouldn’t take video footage for people to understand what domestic abuse means.

I also wish Joe Mixon well going forward. Most people know it’s wrong to hit a woman or to hurt a dog but people come from all walks of life and have different experiences with their parents, families, etc. In some households, those things happen without someone batting an eye. The goal isn’t to excuse it, but rather bring to light that those patterns are unacceptable. Joe Mixon is a 20 year old college student athlete who made a terrible mistake. I hope he understands the impact of his actions and capitalizes on an opportunity to bring further awareness to an important issue. I also wish the best for any victims of this behavior going forward too. Perhaps they’re the ones who really need someone’s support at this time…

Joel Embiid Bullies Richard Jefferson, Brouhaha Ensues

The Sixers lost by one point earlier Sunday to the Cavs, but everyone knows that for Sixers fans that pretty much means they won. People only watch the Sixers for one reason this year and that’s to get a brief (24 minutes, max) glimpse of the highly talented and entertaining rookie, Joel Embiid. The seven footer once again delivered against Cleveland, dropping 22 points (including three 3’s) 9 rebounds and 6 blocks. Perhaps his finest moment came in the first quarter when he powered through Richard Jefferson to secure an “and-1” play and send the old man into a frenzy afterwards (below).

Gotta love it. Future perennial all star and hall of famer just punishing the long time journeyman role player. That must suck for Jefferson, his 36 year old body on its way out of the league getting severely abused by a youthful stud on the rise. Kind of like when Woody got completely out shined by Buzz Lightyear for all to see. Except Richard Jefferson isn’t like Buzz Lightyear, he’s like one of those side character toys you forget if they’re in the sequel or not. Can’t wait for the Sixers to take off the training wheels with Embiid and see what real terror he can unleash on this league.

Football Player Donezo After Girlfriend Pours Boiling Water On Him

Florida International Tight End Jonnu Smith will miss the remainder of his senior year football season. No, it’s not because he tore his ACL or separated his shoulder. Nope, not suspended for pot or poor academics. IT’S BECAUSE HIS CRAZY GIRLFRIEND DOUSED HIM WITH BOILING WATER, obviously.

“According to the arrest affidavit, Smith, an NFL draft prospect, suffered severe burns on his head, neck, back, a shoulder and an arm.

Mary Gaspar has been charged with felony aggravated battery. She is five months pregnant with their child.

According to the arrest affidavit, Gaspar gave this account at Florida International University police headquarters:

  • Gaspar and Smith argued through the day on Oct. 31 about how much attention Smith was paying her and their relationship. While in Smith’s dorm room and “feeling extremely emotional and stressed,” Gaspar told police, she boiled a pot of water. Then she walked over to Smith and poured it on him.
  • When Smith didn’t react strongly enough for her, she started hitting him with her open hands, she told police.”ASN-Jonnu-Smith-POW-988x556.jpg


I know, I know, the initial reaction would be to talk about just how fucking loony this chick is for dumping scalding hot water on her boyfriend. But the real story here, what’s truly remarkable is just how indestructible Jonnu Smith is as a man and as a human being (he may actually be a cyborg I’m not sure yet). College athletes have hectic lives. Classes, practices, study hours, games. Add in a batshit girlfriend, an impending baby, AND a potential NFL career and then it’s just another day in the life of good ol’ Jonnu boy. I have a nervous breakdown when my phones at 57%. There are men, and then there’s Jonnu Smith. I guess you kinda have to be a cool customer with a name like Jonnu, just part of the gig. The fact that this guy hasn’t changed his name and disappeared from the face of the earth is going to be my daily reminder that I can endure anything life throws or dumps on me.

On a side note, ladies, please don’t pour blistering hot water on your boyfriend. I know sometimes you might feel like you’re not getting enough attention but 99/100 times inflicting severe burns upon them isn’t the answer. Why someone wouldn’t want to be with a person bananas enough to pour searing water on them in the first place is beyond me but I just don’t think that’s the answer.


You can check out the full article right here: