Gratzfeed Black Excellence Mix

These past few months have been rough, this past week in particular. What started off as just, oh, a global pandemic turned into a closer examination of fundamental problems in America as it pertains to race and basic human rights. With the death of George Floyd, Americans have taken a closer look at themselves, friends and family and broader society to reflect on if we have done all we are capable of doing to fix a glaring issue in this country.

In short, there is still a lot of work to be done. Despite this, it is encouraging to see the response from America as cities have been able to express their plight and frustrations by protesting, educating and communicating with each other about the problem at hand.

Naturally, there has been an outpouring of thoughts and responses to the events that have unfolded. Something however stuck out to me; while we are educating ourselves on black history, it is important to not only focus on the hardships and struggles, but to also familiarize ourselves with the successes and highlights blacks have achieved in American culture.

Personally, I have been greatly influenced by black culture. Whether it’s as a sports fan, through music, film and art, or another avenue, black culture is something that has had a profound impact on my life. With that, I decided to make a mix of dance music that features black vocals and production exclusively. I’m a fan of dance music and while the genre may be associated with white culture, its roots undeniably can be traced to black creators. As I mentioned earlier, there is still a lot of work to be done, but as we stand now, let’s take a moment to appreciate black art that has already been bestowed upon us. See below for complete tracklist and further reading.

  1. Alex Newell & DJ Cassidy with Nile Rodgers- Kill The Lights (Audien Remix) (Vocals by Alex Newell)
  2. Bakermat- Teach Me (MK Remix) (Vocals by Shirley Caesar)
  3. Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge- White Noise (Vocals by Aluna Francis)
  4. Blackstreet ft Dr.Dre- No Diggity (Dunisco Giggety Mix)
  5. THANKS- Livin’ My Life (Vocal Sample from Jill Scott)
  6. Storm Queen- Look Right Thru (MK Dub III) (Vocal sample from Damon C. Scott)
  7. Mary J. Blige- Family Affair (Mederic Remix)
  8. Mr. Belt & Wezol- Homeless (Vocal sample from Crystal Waters)
  9. Mr. Belt & Wezol- Finally (Vocal sample from CeCe Peniston)
  10. Moreno Pezzolato- Pride (A Deeper Love) (Vocal sample from Aretha Franklin)
  11. MrCenzo, Vas Floyd- Free (Vas Floyd’s Freedom Mix) (sample from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

I Can’t Express How Excited We Should All Be For The New Calvin Harris Album

When it comes to producing, I’m not sure if anyone can currently touch Calvin Harris. Dude is that talented. His ability to make hit after hit and produce mainstream music that is not only tolerable but really well made is something I marvel at time and time again. Today the superstar DJ/producer dropped a huge announcement regarding his next project. Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.10.13 AM.png

Pretty self explanatory.  As you can see from the image above, there’s a video in the tweet that name drops all of the features on the album and the cast is absolutely star studded. Frank Ocean. Travis Scott. Kehlani. Pharrell. Katy Perry. Big Sean. John Legend. Migos. Schoolboy Q. Ariana Grande. Young Thug. D.R.A.M. Nicki Minaj. Lil Yachty. Jessie Reyez. PARTYNEXTDOOR. Snoop Dogg. Not to mention Future and Khalid who’s track can be heard as the minute and thirty four second clip plays.

Speaking of the clip, just that little snippet makes me on the verge of physically being unable to contain myself from waiting until June 30th. I need to drop what I’m doing and throw on a clean white short sleeved button down, some shades, hit a rooftop bar and grab a couple of mimosas and just enjoy life. You know what? Screw blogging. I think I’m going to take my credit card and get myself a villa on a private island and never come back to the states until collections literally comes and drags me home like David Dao.

As I mentioned before, I think Calvin Harris is one of the most talented people when it comes to making good music. The fact that he’s working with such a diverse group of artists who each possess very different styles and sounds and producing (what I’m banking on will be) high quality music is a feat few can pull off. Get ready for Summer, Calvin Harris’ new album is dropping June 30th.

Purari & Centineo- Charge (Original Mix)

March is a fun time of the year in dance music for both producers and fans alike. Whether you’re in Miami for Ultra or not it’s a prime opportunity for artists to preview and sample their upcoming releases to the masses as they look to get a head start on capturing a buzz for their own sounds of the summer. Well it’s not even March yet and already Purari and Centineo have released some heavy duty music. ‘Charge’ is what those in the biz would call a “fucking banger”. The track shines the whole way through from it’s hard hitting drop to it’s well crafted breakdown, only to hit you in the face with that violent drop once again. Whether he’s behind the decks in Hoboken or in the studio producing, Purari is most certainly a young talent to watch and this release with Centineo adds to a hot start in 2017. ‘Charge’ is available now on Loko Sound Records.

Flume’s Collab With Pusha T Is Downright Terrifying

Flume is an award winning artist, people all over the world have taken notice of his unique, genre-bending style as he’s ascended up the charts and onto mainstream airwaves. His latest track with Pusha T showcases yet again his diversity as well as the fact that he might be severely messed up in the head. Check out this little number below…

OK. What the actual fuck did I just hear? I don’t hate it. Not at all. But let’s be clear this track should only be played on a few occasions. 1. When you’re riding in your whip on your way to literally murder someone (hoping that doesn’t happen too often). 2. At an abandoned underground warehouse at like 6 am with people passed out with needles in their arms (hoping that doesn’t happen too often either). Let’s just say this one ain’t for the faint of the heart. Scary shit. Flume’s ‘Skin Companion ll EP’ is out now.

New To Philly: Noto Nightclub

Philly is unquestionably a great place to go out and have a great time. Having said that, one area where someone could argue is lacking is in the nightclub department. With new clubs in Atlantic City  down south and New York being a powerhouse up north it was time for a little more firepower to hit the area. Enter Noto. Located in Chinatown, Noto (Not of The Ordinary) looks to fill that void and bring a new, well equipped nightlife option to Philadelphia. Have I seen pictures of the inside? No. Was it supposed to be open on New Years? Yes. But taking a bit of extra time isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it’s commendable for a place to wait until they’re really ready to rock ’til they open their doors to the masses. As we say here in Philly, “trust the process”.

Noto has its preview weekend this Saturday, February 18 with DJ Ruckus behind the decks, then both next Friday and Saturday with electro house heavy hitter DallasK kicking it off and Jesse Marco the next night.

If there’s one thing Philly is known for it’s being ratchet. Here’s to another place to engage in such behavior on the weekends.


Future Dropping New Album Friday, Headlining Wild Tour Too

Free Bandz! Fucking love me some Future, who doesn’t? Well all of his fans can rejoice together this Valentines Day because Mr. Hendrix just announced he’s dropping an album this Friday, February 17th. Additionally, Super Future will be headlining a super tour featuring Tory Lanez, Kodak Black and Migos. Young Thug and A$AP Ferg will also be joining the madness on select dates as well.

The Tour will be called ‘Freebandz Presents Nobody Safe Tour’ and based on that lineup the name makes total sense. Those four acts back to back to back to back is actually a little concerning for the well being of those who will be in attendance. Tory Lanez has jumped all the way up in my personal rotation as his two new mixtapes are pretty damn solid. I’ve been listening to the ‘The New Toronto 2’ but he released ‘Chixtape IV’ simultaneously so I would venture to say thats also good. Kodak Black is fresh out of jail. Migos is Migos. Cap that off with some Future and I’d say exactly what the tour says, ‘Nobody Safe’. Album drops Friday, tour tickets also go on sale Friday at noon. Peep the flyer below to see when danger is invading your city.



Hardwell Goes Big For 300th Podcast

Whether you’re a fan of electronic music or not, you probably have heard of Hardwell. If you are a fan of the genre, you probably already know that he is one of the most influential figures in the industry. From running his own label to headlining some of the biggest dance music events in the world to producing monster hits, Robbert van de Corput’s resume is stacked. Perhaps one of his biggest contributions to dance music is his weekly radio show, Hardwell On Air. Started in 2011, Hardwell on air has been a showcase of musical talent ranging from well known acts to bedroom producers, spanning from progressive to electro to hardstyle to deep house to whatever the hell Hardwell feels like playing.

In celebration of his 300th episode, Hardwell (in classic Hardwell fashion) pulled out all the stops and delivered a special live podcast straight from Amsterdam. The episode, an hour longer than usual, featured a string of live sets from different artists including his close friend and fellow Revealed Recordings artist Kill The Buzz and electro house heavyweights Blasterjaxx. The event also included special guests as well as live interviews from fellow big time producers who wanted to stop by and pay their respects. Lots of new and upcoming music too, definitely want to check this out if you enjoy electronic music. Here’s to Hardwell and all his contributions to dance music, with plenty more inevitably to come.

If The Falcons Don’t Play Any Future During Their Game They Deserve To Lose By 70

There’s nothing more annoying than all these “beefs” these days. So and So said this, sneak diss that, this person took an L. Most of my feeds nowadays are usually just sketchy media outlets speculating if two people are indeed “beefing” or not although it’s more likely than not just clickbait or a publicity stunt.

There is however a beef that is very much real and that’s between Russell Wilson and Future. If you lived under a rock during 2015/2016 (which might not have been a bad idea), rapper Future and singer Ciara were dating, they broke up, then she started a relationship with Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson. Future has made his disdain for Wilson very clear in the past and there are even pictures of Wilson with Future’s children.


Future is from Atlanta. The Seahawks travel to Atlanta to play the Falcons for their playoff game Saturday. Last year the Carolina Panthers understood this dynamic and played a whole bunch of Future. Wilson and the Seahawks lost that game and the Panthers marched on to the Superbowl. Falcons coach Dan Quinn said that “We will absolutely not go down that road”, referring to playing Future tracks to taunt the Seahawks. However, Falcons DJ, Jay Envy seems to have plans of his own as he posted a complete Future playlist as well as some words about how it’s Atlanta and he plays Future at every game and that he’s not going to not play certain music because of certain people. He also mentioned that nobody has contacted him saying he couldn’t play certain music so now I’m personally curious as to what’s going to happen Saturday in Atlanta. The post made by Jay Envy has since been deleted.

If the Falcons actually elect not to play Future then that would make them the softest team in the league’s history and deserve to lose by at least 70 points. This is the NFL. This is the league where people poke each other in the eyes and twist their guts at the bottom of a pileup. It’s where grown men run at full speed and tackle each other to the ground and severely injure each other in the process. You’re not going to play a hometown rapper because it makes the opposing player feel uncomfortable? Listen, I’m an Eagles fan. I don’t care about the Falcons or Seahawks. I just want the Cowboys to lose. But I do care about living in a world where people are afraid to exercise their right to do things they are perfectly allowed to do just because it makes one or two people uncomfortable. It’s the playoffs. One and done. You have to take advantage of every single edge you can get whether it actually works or not. It’s not like they’re poisoning their meals or paying off the refs. If you can legally get in the head of an opponent, one who has actually won a Superbowl at that, then you fucking do it. You play ‘March Madness’ and ‘Fuck Up Some Commas’ and ‘Stick Talk’ until Russell Wilson cries. You play ‘I Serve The Base’ and ‘Same Damn Time’ until Richard Sherman literally combusts on the sideline. The Falcons are the HOME TEAM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Do you let people come into your home and tell you what you can and can not do?  This is about more than just football, it’s the principle. Interested to see how this one unfolds…

Dillon Francis Spreads Holiday Panic With ‘Hava Nagila’ Remix

Christmas time is pretty sweet whether you celebrate it or not. Time off, an excuse to pig out on either ham or Chinese food, sports galore, people more jolly than their normal miserable selves (most likely for aforementioned reasons). But let us not forget there is another significant holiday happening right at this very moment, none other than the festival of lights, Chanukah.

We all know the Christmas songs. I don’t care if you were raised by wolves, at one point you probably stumbled into some sort of civilized community (or a Walmart during the holiday rush) that was playing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. They’re hard to avoid and every year your boiling point is put to the test with how much you can hear and not want to strangle someone with a shiny red bow. Dillon Francis however flipped the script and just dropped a remix to the ultimate jewish turn up anthem, Hava Nagila which you can check out right below.

What an absolute monster of a track. This is the perfect thing to blast in your home when your Bubbe is over for Chanukah asking about your love life or how to do something on her iPhone 4. Can’t imagine hearing this dance floor weapon without fighting the urge to flatten someone like a latke. Hava Nagila is as much of a jewish staple as putting brunch on Instagram and getting a car as a gift when you’re 17. Glad it got the modern treatment it deserved, Happy Holidays!

Cookie Crumbles- Where Are You Now

One thing I’m sure as fuck thankful for is that I’ve been exposed to some pretty dope music this year. That continues here with ‘Where Are You Now’ by Cookie Crumbles, whose Soundcloud account had merely 22 likes before I made it 23. I found this one in a Martin Solveig podcast in which he opened with it and has also been played by Afrojack, R3hab and Nicky Romero to name a few. Enjoy!