Cherry Hill Miscreants Wreak Havoc In Margate

There are undeniably a few rite of passages every teenager in Cherry Hill experiences. Hard fought battles on the JCC hardwood. Drinking Smirnoff vodka out of a water bottle in a Short Hills basement. Vitos. Summers, however are reserved for one of two things:

A. Expensive teen tours with your Jewish friends.

B. Living it up at your parents (also probably Jewish) Margate house.

The latter apparently reached a new level of turnt this past Memorial Day Weekend, also know as “MDW”.


“In a town jammed with visitors to launch the summer season this weekend, Margate police had their hands full — with juveniles from out of town.

 “There’s not one of them from Margate,” said Capt. Ken Bergeron of the Margate Police, citing 12 arrests of age 20 or younger for alcohol, marijuana and fighting. Seven were juveniles, another 5 under 20, he said.

He said a fight involving 300 teens broke out on the Washington Avenue beach, home of Lucy the Elephant, at 2 p.m. Saturday and led to three arrests for assault and disorderly conduct.

Additionally, a police officer was hit with a Gatorade bottle.

“There were so many people fighting they had to get help from Ventnor and Longport,” Bergeron said. “They’re really disrespectful.”

Hundreds of teens congregated on the sidewalks and at the entrance to the Wawa for hours Saturday night, but Bergeron said there’s not much Margate police can do to disperse them. Curfew laws have proven problematic to enforce, he said.”


I blame the parents, I really do. This is what happens when you drag little Benjamin to hebrew school every Sunday and Tuesday. This is what happens when your 17 year olds car is nicer than their algebra teachers in the same parking lot. This is what happens when your daughter, instead of selling lemonade outdoors, is online shopping for lululemon’s. Kids seek a thrill and start to rebel. Having said that, it sounds like a pretty good time. Not going to lie, Wawa, drugs and alcohol check off most of the boxes in terms of what people are looking for on a big holiday weekend. Add in a total lack of regard for authority and taking over a place where you have no business being with a complete sense of entitlement and what more could you ask for? Kind of makes my friends and I look like pussies. Sure we might have drank down the shore but our parents knew where we were and we weren’t badasses throwing gatorades at cops. Those kids must be cool! We used to have anxiety when pregames hit double digits, these kids are in droves of 300 like King Leonidas fighting each other. Proud to see my hometown grow up. And these are most likely kids from the east side! Imagine what those barbarians from the wild wild west are up to these days, sheesh!

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Rutgers Cans Unhealthy Takeout Options

It appears the days of greasy takeout are numbered at Rutgers University.

“In a makeover of its dining hall menus, Rutgers University plans to eliminate chicken nuggets, hash browns and other unhealthy foods from its takeout section and incorporate more nutritious options in the all-you-can-eat cafeterias.

By the end of the fall semester, Rutgers expects chicken wings will be baked instead of fried, hot sauce from the jar will be replaced with fresh spices, and processed meats will be traded for poached salmon or turkey roasted and smoked by university chefs, among other changes.

The food on the new menus will be more than just healthy, it will be “absolutely good,” said Ian Keith, the Rutgers chef leading the menu overhaul.


For Rutgers students, that means takeout chicken fingers will be replaced with grilled chicken, and hash browns will swapped out for Peruvian hash made from heirloom potatoes, spinach and roasted onions.

Instead of pork sausage, Rutgers will serve smoked chicken sausage with spinach on a whole grain English muffin. A new bagel bar will feature a vegetable cream cheese mixed at Rutgers and loaded with broccoli, squash and scallions.

Plant-based meal, such as tofu and broccoli stir fry, will become more prevalent.”


Boiling. My blood is boiling. More bad press for good old Rutgers. You can’t take away chicken nuggets and fries from a school cafeteria, you just can’t. That’s like taking bread and milk out of a supermarket. Baked chicken wings, fine. But replacing hot sauce with “fresh spices”? I must be poorly educated (I went to Rutgers) because I’m almost 25 and never knew that hot sauce was some destructive condiment for morbid gluttons. Learn something new every day. I love when Rutgers tries to be all fancy. One of my favorite saying is as follows. You. Can’t. Shine. A. Turd. Might get that put on my headstone (that day might be here sooner than I think from all that hot sauce). Actually I had to look this up because I just don’t buy it. Here’s what I found:

“But let’s not ignore all the benefits of hot sauce because it really does do a lot of good for the body. Capsaicin, which is responsible for making chilis spicy, has been reported to decrease inflammation, relieve soreness and help fight prostate cancer.”

“Spicy peppers have amazing health benefits, but there’s a catch, of course. If spicy food is your thing, you could be eating your way to better health via your favorite condiment. A recent scientific study says hot sauce is good for you, especially if it’s paired with a little fat.”

Could be fake news but go ahead and ask me if I trust Google or Rutgers more. Damn. Tough one. I also love how the chef spearheading this says it will be “really good” Now I’m sold! Get this guy on Shark Tank with that pitch! Last time I trusted someone at Rutgers (an advisor) I ended up being a senior on the verge of not being able to graduate. The roasted turkey doesn’t sound too bad but the “chicken sausage with spinach on a whole grain English muffin” and the “vegetable cream cheese mixed at Rutgers and loaded with broccoli, squash and scallions” and “tofu and broccoli stir fry” is where I draw the line. This isn’t going to make students healthier. It’s going to leave them emaciated! There are two ways to curb hunger at Rutgers now. Drugs… and this new menu. At least it shouldn’t be too hard to fit into that formal dress now right? You want to make students healthier? How about renovating the College Ave Gym? Make it less of a sweaty shoebox and more of a, ya know, health and wellness facility? Or how about extending the hours? Maybe people want to get a lift or run in past 6pm on a Saturday before they get shitfaced? This news is tough to swallow both literally and figuratively but hey, at least you can wash it down with a coke product now =).

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You Have To Love This South Jersey Dude Who Went To Jail For Drunkenly Crashing His Golf Cart Trying To Run Over A Rooster

There are some savages in South Jersey. Trust me. I would know. But Daniel Jones has just set the bar pretty darn high with his antics in Key West, Florida (another severely messed up state). I’m not even going to summarize, instead I’m just going to copy and paste pretty much the entire original article because it’s just too funny as is.

“The 34-year-old South Jersey man spent a night in a Key West, Fla., jail last week after he drunkenly crashed a golf cart trying to run over a rooster, according to The Florida Keys newspaper.

The Cinnaminson resident was reportedly seen around 6 p.m. last Friday driving the cart erratically through the white-house-lined streets of Bahama Village in pursuit of the red-headed cockerel.

“He was adamant about trying to hit the rooster,” Key West resident Vincent Vurro, who saw the whole thing unfold, told the newspaper.

As Jones swerved toward the bird, the cart rolled over, throwing the driver and two passengers onto the street, the newspaper reported. A female passenger suffered chipped teeth and skinned knees.

The rooster, however, proceeded safely to the sidewalk.

Jones was taken into custody, and reportedly fell asleep in the police cruiser on the way to the local jail.

After repeatedly sticking his fingers and shirt in his mouth, the newspaper reported, Jones allegedly scored a blood-alcohol content of 0.25, which is more than three times the legal limit in Key West.

He was jailed on suspicion of driving under the influence, and was released on his own recognizance the next day.

Efforts to reach him Wednesday were unsuccessful.”


Although this report is only a few paragraphs long, it feels like a Pulitzer Prize winning novel. So much to examine and break down. Where do I begin? “He was adamant about trying to hit the rooster”. First off, not sure if the driver would even know what adamant means. Second, you can’t not appreciate the drivers sheer tenacity and will. He was going to run over and splatter that rooster’s guts if it was the last thing he did. Except he didn’t. Also love the part about the two passengers flying out into the street too, with one of them chipping their teeth and messing up their knees. Wonder what they were thinking during that whole ordeal. Must have thought they were in a real life game of Crazy Taxi or Simpsons Road Rage (very underrated video game by the way). Were they in on this goose, er, rooster chase too? Then there’s the ultimate shot to the heart. The cold blooded sentence that really stings and shatters you. “The rooster, however, proceeded safely to the sidewalk.” Damn. I can just imagine that smug fucking rooster looking at these bozos from the sidewalk, sucking their souls with just his stare. Like Kevin McCallister grinning at The Wet Bandits immediately after ruining their lives. Was this the most cunning, elusive rooster ever or was this golf cart carrying the world’s saddest and most pathetic human beings on earth? I guess unless we get some video footage we may never know. I could go on and on with this one but I simply don’t have the mental capacity to dive even deeper. I guess not everyone from South Jersey was born a rocket scientist…

Rutgers Business School Rejects Kids From Career Fair For Wearing Blue Or Light Grey Suits

Rutgers. It was hard enough to get into a party on a Friday night back in my day. Now it’s apparently a struggle just to get through the door of a career fair.

“Several Rutgers Business School students were barred from entering their annual career fair last Friday at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick for dress code violations.

Rutgers Business School sophomore Tyler Farnsworth said he was unable to enter because he wore suede shoes, and that a majority of students prevented from entering were wearing blue shirts, blue suits or brown shoes. He estimates that about 40 students were turned away from the fair for dress code violations.

This year’s career fair dress code flyer tells male students to wear “clean, polished dark dress shoes,” but no sneakers or boots. Men should also wear black or dark gray professional suits. This flyer is linked on the school’s career fair web page.

Last year’s flyer also prohibits sneakers, but tells students only to wear “dress or hard bottom shoes,” as well as a “dark, conservative suit.”.


Yep, that’s the exact reason i chose to forgo the business school. Boxers or bust and that has continued throughout my blogging career until even today. But this is such classic Rutgers it hurts. Rutgers always trying to put a shine on the turd they are and have been forever. Joining the Big Ten to look legit then being a punching bag losing games 78-0. Waiting until 2016 to be a coke campus instead of Pepsi. Denying their own students entry to further their careers based on how they dress. Don’t they understand their students are broke because they have to pay for books, rent and… like…tuition? Or parking tickets and booze but same difference. Nobody’s hopping on NJ Transit and going to Barney’s in the dead of winter so they can impress someone at a career fair. That comes after you land the ballin job. Plus half the time the people representing these companies at the career fairs are former Rutgers students themselves, just a couple years removed from walking the streets at night in booty shorts and jerseys or racially insensitive mixer costumes. Plus, it’s 2017. Everyone should have taken note of those nerds out in Silicon Valley who are changing the world in ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Here’s to needing 11:1 ratio and a black or dark grey professional suits.

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Future Dropping New Album Friday, Headlining Wild Tour Too

Free Bandz! Fucking love me some Future, who doesn’t? Well all of his fans can rejoice together this Valentines Day because Mr. Hendrix just announced he’s dropping an album this Friday, February 17th. Additionally, Super Future will be headlining a super tour featuring Tory Lanez, Kodak Black and Migos. Young Thug and A$AP Ferg will also be joining the madness on select dates as well.

The Tour will be called ‘Freebandz Presents Nobody Safe Tour’ and based on that lineup the name makes total sense. Those four acts back to back to back to back is actually a little concerning for the well being of those who will be in attendance. Tory Lanez has jumped all the way up in my personal rotation as his two new mixtapes are pretty damn solid. I’ve been listening to the ‘The New Toronto 2’ but he released ‘Chixtape IV’ simultaneously so I would venture to say thats also good. Kodak Black is fresh out of jail. Migos is Migos. Cap that off with some Future and I’d say exactly what the tour says, ‘Nobody Safe’. Album drops Friday, tour tickets also go on sale Friday at noon. Peep the flyer below to see when danger is invading your city.



There’s A Wawa Competitor Coming To South Jersey And I’m Not Gonna Lie I’m A Little Nervous

Where I come from there may not be a more iconic establishment in the food and service industry than Wawa. Whether you’re grabbing a sandwich on the way to the shore or you need a blue gatorade because you’re hungover trash, Wawa is as classic a staple in the Tri-state area as watching the Eagles lose on Sundays. I have recently been alerted by a friend that a Wawa competitor is coming to South Jersey soon which naturally made me do a little digging.

Initial reaction? This might test some people’s loyalty but let’s be honest nothing’s going to dethrone Wawa ’round these parts, although my father did stave off his Wawa coffee addiction and now prefers Starbucks so I guess anything’s possible. SO, Royal Farms is the new guy in town causing all this ruckus. Royal Farms? Doesn’t sound intimidating at all right? Then I read one sentence that completely changed my outlook on this place and now I’m nervous as all get out.

“Maryland-based Royal Farms, best known for its fried chicken, has started construction on its first New Jersey location, in Magnolia, Camden County.”


If there’s one thing in this world that will test my allegiance to something it’s fried chicken. It’s like Kryptonite. If there’s a place where I can fill my tank, get cigs, a chaser and some fried chicken all at once than dammit that sounds like a haven for scummy scums like myself. I did some more digging and it basically sounds exactly like a Wawa with gas and made to order sandwiches so there really isn’t a lot separating it from old reliable. I may be a scum but a traitor is something I’m not, that’s why I’m calling for a complete boycott of Royal Farms from the get go. You can’t get addicted to their fried chicken if you never try it. It’s like my friends who keep kosher who never had bacon before, they might seem delusional to me but to them ignorance is bliss. Same deal here except I’m down to be the ignorant one, it’s the only option. Ballsy move coming in here and competing in 2017 all unprovoked. Let’s see if it pans out. I will do my part to make sure it doesn’t. Oh, and you may be thinking well this is only in South Jersey it doesn’t affect me. Wrong. If you don’t nip these things in the bud they gain momentum. They gain momentum and they spread. It’s like a disease. Wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened in America.

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Gratzfood Episode 1: Chick’s Deli

Gratzfeed likes to consider itself a jack of all trades. We bring you music, sports, food, entertainment, current events and whatever the hell else we feel is necessary for your eyeballs to come across. While that’s not going to change anytime soon, there’s been a recent influx in food related content for a few reasons

  1. I love food
  2. Everyone else loves food
  3. I’ll take any excuse to eat food I can get

I realized that while food write ups are cool, I wanted to bring viewers an even closer look at the places I already know and love, or the new places that I’m trying for the very first time. I wanted people to understand the culture, the vibe, the ambience, etc. That’s why I enlisted the help of my close friend Steve Ziegler (shameless plug for Zig Media, -no seriously he’s damn good at what he does, you can watch the video and see for yourself) and set off to capture these places on camera for you all to see. For episode one I decided there was no better place to start than Chick’s Deli, located in my lovely (besides those taxes though am I right?!) hometown Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Chick’s Deli is the definition of a hidden gem…literally. It’s located behind a main road, Route 70, in this little strip that nobody would see from just driving by. Heck, you could tell Joel Embiid his crush Rihanna was waiting for him there and he still wouldn’t be able to find it. In todays world, everyone is enamored with the superficial aspect of food, the ice cream that’s rolled, fancy looking plates with the little bowls of ketchup instead of the classic packets or bottles, the artsy drizzles that look like Picasso drunkenly decorated your dish. Chick’s forgoes the nonsense and focuses on what really matters, the actual food and it’s quality. No frills, Chick’s Deli is well, a deli, that specializes in hoagies, cheesesteaks and other sandwiches. The majority of their traffic comes from the lunch crowd, people picking up sandwiches for the office, construction workers getting a quick bite on their breaks etc. Rather than pumping out advertisements, they rely on word of mouth and if you ask them they’ll probably tell you it’s worked pretty damn well. For the record, this is not a food review. I have been going to Chick’s for years and have known their food is aces. Instead, this is a glimpse inside one of the areas favorite local gems, the people that make it go and of course the food they serve. Hope you all enjoy, cheers!

AC’s Comeback Looking Pretty, Pretty Good This Summer

It’s no secret that Atlantic City had a collapse almost as bad as Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. Revel and HQ closed, Mixx was nixed, the House of Blues Studio and the Showboat have been shut down. Luckily, things are starting to look up for the south jersey capital of degeneracy. WAV is a new nightclub opening up at Caesars, which I have actually heard some pretty cool things about from buddies who went there on New Years (from what they remember). Any and all skepticism was squashed when I found out they’re bringing SKRILLEX for their opening weekend (and Tommy Trash) the first weekend of April. And then there’s Premier, the new club at the Borgata. The Borgata is like Barry Sanders when he was the lone standout player on the Lions except they play in AC instead of Detroit. Mur Mur and Mixx were always a good time, with the latter being shut down in lieu of Premier. It’s safe to say that the new spot will be pretty dope because hey, the Borgata just kills it. No word on when it’s officially opening yet but it does say Spring so it should be right around the corner. Haven and the pool at Harrah’s still manage to bring in solid talent in their own right and are still fun (when you know it’s not the only option available).

I’m down, count me in, all in. There’s no better form of self loathing than when you wake up in an overcrowded Atlantic City room in a button down and slacks completely devoid of any cash or dignity. Seriously, nothing beats having to Venmo your boy for a bagel and Gatorade the next morning while your head is spinning because you’re in a car going 90 miles an hour on the expressway. I might make up posters saying “Make Atlantic City Great Again” and hang them all over the tristate area as we approach this surefire shit show. Now who’s with me?


Is Kyle Flood The Right Guy To Lead Rutgers Football?

I like Kyle Flood, I actually like him a lot. One of the classes I took as part of the sport management program at Rutgers was ‘Leadership Development in Sport Management’, a class focused on well, leadership in sports and different leadership styles and philosophies while examining what approaches contribute to effective leadership. As part of the class our professor arranged for a wide variety of guest speakers to come in and present to the class to share their own personal stories as well as their own personal leadership beliefs. The speakers ranged from Hall of Fame coach of the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team C. Vivian Stringer to then newly hired and controversial Athletic Director Julie Hermann. One of the best speakers however was the Head Coach of what is undoubtedly the most popular sport of the University, Football Head Coach Kyle Flood.

I remember Coach Floods presentation (yes I went to class, sometimes) quite well. Out of all the presenters that semester, he was the most prepared, coming in with a fully organized Powerpoint presentation with each discussion topic neatly outlined. He looked presentable, nice Rutgers polo and pants and once it was time for class to start he wasted little time and gave the class a thoughtful, engaging presentation. Coach Flood can be described as energetic, personable, warm, funny, respectable and passionate. He began by talking about his humble beginnings. He was raised in Queens and his father, who never went to college and worked as a sanitation worker, is who ultimately inspired him to develop a passion and thirst for education. The standard early life and beginnings talk continued, but what he later talked about really struck a chord with the class. He began to discuss hardships he embraced during his coaching career, instances that made him the man he was today. He admirably opened up about the most critical point of his coaching career, it was before he coached at Rutgers and one of his players had died from a drug overdose. Mortified, he had to compose not only himself, but his entire team as they had to play a game that following week. This anecdote stuck out to me because it showed that Coach Flood was a real human being, with the ability to connect with people on some of the deepest levels possible. Rather than being overly dramatic, Flood shared this story with us and moved on with his presentation, snapping back into fast paced coach-mode where he then started to dive into his own leadership and program beliefs. He was even able to show his humorous side, calling out me, yes me, in front of the class for wearing a Penn State snapback (hey, I look good in Navy). It was a funny moment that the class as well as my professor (as well as myself) chuckled at, a nice way to end the presentation on a light note.

Fast forward to present day. Rutgers’ leading receiver and team captain Leonte Carroo has been suspended indefinitely due to what is believed to be an altercation that took place outside High Point Solutions Stadium after the teams crushing 37-34 loss to Washington State on Saturday. Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of trouble by members of the team this season, not hardly. Prior to the teams first game it was announced that five players (including Carroo) were to be suspended for the first half of the teams opening game against Norfolk State for a curfew violation. Also among the five was quarterback Chris Laviano, who was competing to start. It was reported that Laviano was caught trying to use a fake ID. The trouble didn’t end there, on September 3, it was announced that five current members of the team as well as two former members were arrested for a variety of different charges including robbery, home invasion and assault stemming from both on and off campus instances dating back to April. Among this batch of players was cornerback Nadir Barnwell who also was the center of unwanted attention recently. Before the season it was reported that Coach Flood was being investigated for contacting a professor about Barnwell’s grades after learning that his eligibility for the upcoming season was in question, which would be breaking school policy. Is your head spinning yet? Mine is, let’s recount this real fast, in no order, because frankly, I can’t even keep up with this chaos.

  • Coach Flood investigated for impermissible contact with a professor regarding Nadir Barnwell’s grades.
  • Five players suspended for first half of Norfolk State game for violating team curfew.
  • Five current players (including Nadir Barnwell) arrested for variety of charges including robbery, home invasion and assault
  • Receiver Leonte Carroo (who was already suspended once this season) suspended indefinitely for his role in an altercation following loss to Washington State on September 12.

Woah. That’s some ’06 Bengals shit right there.


Based on these recent incidents I think it’s evident that Rutgers’ football program is having a severe crisis of culture. When Rutgers was invited to become a member of the Big Ten Conference, it was expected that it would take a few years to build up the program before we were expected to compete, but this is flat out unacceptable. This has nothing to do with x’s and o’s but with leadership, or a lack of leadership in effectively handling the young men on this team. Rutgers football is going backwards rather than forward, and not the type of backwards that puts you in position to go forward either. I don’t even think the blame falls all on Kyle Flood. These are young adults who by this age should know the difference between right and wrong and what is expected from them as student athletes. Receiving an invite to join the Big Ten is a big deal and the recent news is embarrassing to the university as we’re the new kids on the block who are trying to prove we belong. It’s like bringing your friend to a different group of friends and telling them “he’s cool, he’s cool” and then you turn you’re head and he’s puking on their couch.

As I mentioned before, I think Kyle Flood is a stand up guy, trying to do the right thing and lead this program in the right direction. However, it’s fair to wonder if that’s enough to right the ship for Rutgers football. I’m not a psychologist or a coaching expert but my opinion is this: I think Kyle Flood is such an understanding and nice guy that players are taking advantage and acting without any real fear of consequences they may face. If Leonte Carroo was already suspended for the first half against Norfolk State, shouldn’t he have been on his best behavior following the next game against Washington State? Part of that is just a young man making a stupid mistake, and part of that is a coach not effectively communicating the consequences of a players actions well enough to his team.

It pains me to say this too. I firmly believe that you don’t need a screaming, intimidating maniac on the sidelines to win football games. While stone cold Bill Belichick won the Superbowl last season, it was happy-go-lucky coach Pete Carroll that was one play away from taking that victory from him, which would have been his second in as many years. Take former Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano for example. He was the total opposite of Kyle Flood, a rigid control freak who liked to micromanage his players and instill enough fear to make sure that incidents like these didn’t occur. In fact, Bill Belichick frequently selected Rutgers players for the Patriots because he knew that they were used to this system and was comfortable with how they were coached from Schiano in the past. However, this methodology proved to be Schianos downfall. After leaving Rutgers to coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the pros he was ultimately fired, from what many to believe was in part from a rift created with his players who didn’t appreciate the big brother approach as they felt they were grown men who didn’t need to be watched every second.

Again, I stress that re evaluating if Flood still belongs at Rutgers is not a slight at his coaching ability. He’s proven he can win games and lead a big time program. It’s just that he might have let this current situation get too far out of hand for him to be able to reconcile on his own. Sometimes in instances like these it’s best for each party involved to have a fresh start elsewhere, no hard feelings. This situation might just not be the right fit for the kind of coach he is anymore.

Luckily, I don’t think Rutgers would have much trouble finding a new, big time coach to come in and take the reigns. Despite being a perennial basement dweller in the standings, Rutgers is still a Big Ten school playing the top competition (yes top competition, a Big Ten school won the championship last season) in one of the most, if not the most fruitful media markets. I think we would be able to pluck an up and coming coach who’s building up a program at a smaller school that’s ready to take the next step.

Just like I’ll never forget Coach Flood’s presentation to my class my senior year, I’ll also never forget Julie Hermann’s. She talked about what she looked for when bringing in somebody to lead a program. She explained how the most important factor was just finding “good people”, people who have a strong vision and the right ideals and values. That’s probably why she decided to keep Kyle Flood upon taking over for Rutgers athletics. Now, she may be putting that philosophy in action all over again in a new search, sooner rather than later.

Jackass Stiffs Belmar Waitress, Writes ‘LOL’ On Receipt

So a Rutgers student was waitressing at D’jais (one of the Jersey shore’s cornerstone establishments, WHOOSH!) when she received a rather cruel surprise as compensation for her services. Instead of a tip, she looked at the receipt to see ‘1 hour for food LOL’ instead of a numerical amount.

“On Aug. 17, Jess Jones of Belmar, a 2013 Manasquan High School graduate, was waiting on a party of eight people at the landmark restaurant and night club on Ocean Avenue. After the $112.03 bill was paid for by credit card, Jones discovered that her customers had left her no tip. Instead, the texting acronym “LOL” — for laughing out loud — was written on the tip line of the receipt next to the words, “1 hour for food.”


First and foremost I would like to start by saying this was NOT me or any of my associates. I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff at the shore bars (and taxis and pretty much everywhere else) but this is beyond my realm of fuckery, plus D’jais food has been shelved by the clique after Nana and I bonded via backyard throw up session after consuming calamari BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. The point is that this just ain’t cool. Listen, I hate bad service and sometimes even think you should tip less if the waitress is incompetent or rude (maybe 15% instead of 20%) but stuff like this should never happen. My whole thing with this is that it happened at D’JAIS. For those who don’t know D’jais is a bar/night club type place with a small outdoor seating area to eat. Nobody goes to D’jais for top notch cuisine or the service, you go to D’jais to get drunk and try to stick your dick in something. It’s the friggen shore, there’s plenty of nice places to enjoy a meal and the fish taste you want from D’jais ain’t the kind you see on the menu if you catch my drift (and hopefully not anything else). This is basically the equivalent to going to Mcdonalds and complaining about the salad. Poor girl is just trying to earn some paper so she too can play down the shore and have some fun. While it does suck for the waitress I am familiar with that Karma chick and trust me, she can be a total bitch.

You can check out the full story right here: