New To Philly: Noto Nightclub

Philly is unquestionably a great place to go out and have a great time. Having said that, one area where someone could argue is lacking is in the nightclub department. With new clubs in Atlantic City  down south and New York being a powerhouse up north it was time for a little more firepower to hit the area. Enter Noto. Located in Chinatown, Noto (Not of The Ordinary) looks to fill that void and bring a new, well equipped nightlife option to Philadelphia. Have I seen pictures of the inside? No. Was it supposed to be open on New Years? Yes. But taking a bit of extra time isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it’s commendable for a place to wait until they’re really ready to rock ’til they open their doors to the masses. As we say here in Philly, “trust the process”.

Noto has its preview weekend this Saturday, February 18 with DJ Ruckus behind the decks, then both next Friday and Saturday with electro house heavy hitter DallasK kicking it off and Jesse Marco the next night.

If there’s one thing Philly is known for it’s being ratchet. Here’s to another place to engage in such behavior on the weekends.


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