Gratzfood Review: Fried Chicken Sandwich From Federal Donuts

It’s no secret that I have an affinity for fried chicken, more specifically fried chicken sandwiches. Fried breaded chicken in between two pieces of bread is simply a winning combination and when done right it can be a true game changer. Legend has it that one of the best chicken sandwiches in Philly is actually to be had at a place called Federal Donuts. Yes, Federal Donuts. Here’s the story, Federal Donuts has obviously served donuts for a longtime as well as fried chicken. Just a year or two ago they began making fried chicken sandwiches during the summer at one of their outdoor stand, they were immensely popular. Now, they’re a menu mainstay. So, without further introduction let’s break this bad boy down and see if it lived up to its strong rep.

What it’s called: Fried Chicken Sandwich

Cost: $6.75 plus tax

What is it exactly?: boneless fried chicken, buttermilk ranch seasoning, american cheese spicy rooster sauce (think chipotle mayo), dill pickles, Martin’s potato roll

Verdict: Awesome. I really enjoyed this sandwich and can understand it’s popularity in the area. What makes this sandwich stand out is all the fixings that are piled on it. The chipotle mayo, the cheese, the abundance of pickles (there’s like 5 or 6 little pickles on it and you get them in every bite) all help make this a strong sandwich. It was cooked to order and overall really fresh. Now, for the sake of comparison since I believe the standard for a chicken sandwich is Chick Fil A, I’ll make the comparison to their sandwiches. Chick Fil A adds just butter and pickles to their sandwich and still tastes amazing because their chicken itself just tastes phenomenal. It’s brined in salt and the flavor of the breading is amazing. I can eat a plain Chick Fil A sandwich, I don’t know if I’d want to eat a plain chicken sandwich from Federal Donuts. In my opinion Federal Donuts needs the extra toppings to compete but since they have them that’s not a bad thing at all, just an observation. The chicken at Federal Donuts was still solid as it was crispy and meaty, it just wouldn’t have the “oomph” without all the extras.  For a non-chain local spot, Federal Donuts’ chicken sandwich is impressive and definitely a worthy alternative if you’re in the mood for a unique take on a chicken sandwich.



Side note: If you think I didn’t get a donut from Federal Donuts you’re off your rocker. I went with the cookies and cream option and let me tell you it was absolutely delectable. Instead of a chicken sandwich, I could eat three donuts and be happy. That’s probably not a good idea though? I wanted to wait til I got back home to eat it so I could take a picture of it but after one bite I knew that sucker wasn’t making it in the bag another minute. So yeah, just putting it out there that while the chicken at Federal Donuts is on point, their Donuts are indeed crack.

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