I Absolutely Loved Levi Jones’ Antics On National Signing Day

National Signing Day is kinda annoying. A lot of hype for something you know is going to be the same every year. Wow! Alabama, Florida State, Michigan, and the other same SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 schools have the best recruiting classes, shocker! I don’t follow high school football enough to know these kids all that well to really care or have an opinion on where they end up because at the end of the day you know which schools are going to be good regardless. There was one thing that caught my eye this year though and that’s 4 star linebacker recruit Levi Jones and his announcement for where he was going to take his talents. He first unzipped his jacket to reveal a Florida Gators shirt to a room full of applause, told everyone to chill, took it off and had a Florida State shirt on, took that off to finally show he was going to USC and capped it off by putting on the hat and sealing the deal. You can check out the video below.

Gotta love this dude am I right? At first I was like OK chill, but the more I thought about it the more I fell in love. Look, he’s going to USC. That schools more Hollywood than the stars on the ground themselves. They absolutely thrive on glitz and glamour and bullshit. You got Steve Sarkisian getting drunk at donor events, Reggie Bush illegally accepting thousands of dollars worth of illegal gifts, OJ Simpson being OJ friggen Simpson. No better way to start your time there than with showboat antics and acting out to get everyones attention. His hair is fucking yellow on the top like Odell Beckham Jr. You just know this guy is going to be a character, might as well get the party going immediately. Another underrated part is that the two schools he faked out were Florida and Florida State, basically just a big fuck you to the state of Florida. Can’t say I blame him on that one, Florida’s a strange, strange place. I’m pretty sure I see his headphones in his ears too. One of the biggest announcements of his life and he’s up there clowning around with earbuds in. Expecting big things from this kid. On the field? Maybe. Off the field? Definitely.

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