Gratzfood Review: Naked Chicken Chalupa From Taco Bell

There’s a lot of crazy shit happening in the world right now. Important, critical issues have been dominating headlines that are impossible to ignore. Out of everything that has happened in the past week, none may be more significant than the fact that Taco Bell has released a taco where the shell is a freaking piece of fried chicken (not fake news). Yes, there is a thing at Taco Bell that exists where a curved piece of fried chicken acts as a substitute for a hard or soft taco shell. Naturally, Gratzfeed was on the scene immediately for a fully comprehensive, in depth review. Let’s break it down.

What it’s called: Naked Chicken Chalupa

Cost: $3.49

What is it exactly?: Fried chicken shell, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, Avocado ranch sauce

Verdict: I really liked this damn thing, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. The chicken was tasty and didn’t feel overly processed or weird like fast food chicken can be sometimes. The avocado ranch sauce was a nice touch and was actually pretty flavorful too. Size wise it’s not really all that big but let’s be honest it’s Taco Bell so you’re probably going to get other stuff too anyways. If not, you’ll definitely need more than one but at $3.49 (I think it might even be $2.99 if you’re not in a city) that’s probably not a deal breaker. Another thing that was impressive was that the chicken actually stayed true to form the whole way through, sometimes these promotional items are too gimmicky and fall apart or don’t look like how they were advertised but I can’t say thats the case here. Overall I would definitely recommend this as it’s a pretty cool little snack that switches it up from the norm. Kudos to Taco Bell for taking something that sounds so weird and stupid on paper and actually turning it into a worthwhile menu item.



They put a lot of that avocado ranch on but hey I wasn’t complaining



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