Asian Man Squashes Protest Like A Grape

Protests are all the rage now. With so many shitty things happening in the world (it’s a total disaster!) people want to get out there and have their voices heard. One group however decided to protest at the University Of Washington’s library only to get their shit rejected like a Dikembe Mutombo block. Check out the video below.


I get it, people have the right to protest and not be censored and all that fun stuff but the issue here is a three word-er that applies to pretty much every single other thing in life. Time. And. Place. Gotta love this dude just slinging his asian pecker around and shutting that shit down like he’s Jon Taffer. I mean as funny as that encounter was you seriously have to respect the way the guy handled his business. Didn’t cause a scene, didn’t get rattled, asserted himself and waited until they shut the fuck up and then bam, “This is library”. Listen, it’s really easy to take the easy way out here and since I love the easy way out that’s exactly what I’m going to do but you just don’t fuck with with an asian and their library time. Does interrupting a guido’s gym, tan, or laundry time seem like a good idea? How about interfering with a young jewish girl as she’s trying to pick a filter for her Instagram post at brunch with the betches? Would you tell a 35 year old married man to get off the couch during football Sunday? OK yeah probably because what the hell are they going to say to the only person who keeps them getting laid but that’s besides the point. Also, one final musing, why protest at a library? If there’s one glaring problem I noticed this election is that people are pretty damn uneducated and really don’t know what the fuck is going on (not saying I’m some genius, actually a moron myself). Where’s the one place you go to learn? Where’s the one place you can actually read books and literature and study in peace and quiet? Just saying!

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