Chick Goes Crazy At Indiana Jimmy Johns

An Indiana University student was arrested yesterday after what appears to be a raucous evening at Jimmy Johns.

“Megan Hinds, 21, is charged with felony battery and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

At about 6:30 p.m. officers responded to a call from the sandwich shop at 430 E. Kirkwood Ave. about a woman trying to steal food, Bloomington Police Department Capt. Steve Kellams said. When officers arrived employees pointed them to Hinds, who was still sitting at a table inside the restaurant and appeared intoxicated.

The employees told police Hinds had come into the store, grabbed a loaf of bread and started eating it without paying. She then started trying to take bags of chips and other items, and when employees tried to stop her, she struck several of them.

When the officers approached Hinds she told one of them she believed he was profiling her because she was white and ugly, Kellams said. The arresting officer was also white, and the backing officer was white with some Hispanic heritage, Kellams said.

Police determined Hinds was intoxicated enough to warrant calling an ambulance, Kellams said. While they waited, Hinds continued to verbally abuse the officers and eventually started striking and scratching them.”

Listen, I feel for the girl. I really do. This has happened to me once or twice or literally every single weekend I’ve left my house for a night out. She’s going to get enough shit from her friends, family, peers, entire campus, court system, etc. Who am I to sit here and add insult to injury? I actually looked up the girl on Facebook and she actually appears to be pretty normal. Has alcoholic beverages in a number of pictures so she’s probably pretty chill. The chick is blacked out at Jimmy Johns at 6:30 PM saying she’s white and ugly. Clearly there’s something wrong with her and that something is pretty self explanatory. It also seems to me that the Jimmy Johns team overreacted just a bit. These are the people that ride a bike that was made in the 70’s through fucking blizzards and thunderstorms to deliver people food and they call the cops because this drunkard is stealing bread and chips and attacking people when they confront her? This is the same Indiana University where their old basketball coach is revered for heaving a chair across the court. Shit, Bobby Knight’s whole tenure there was pretty much one big temper tantrum. Kinda soft if you ask me.

PS. I just want this girl to know that although she says she’s white and ugly there’s a certain beauty to a girl shoving Jimmy Johns down her throat blacked out, never change babe.


You can check out the full article right here:

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