If The Falcons Don’t Play Any Future During Their Game They Deserve To Lose By 70

There’s nothing more annoying than all these “beefs” these days. So and So said this, sneak diss that, this person took an L. Most of my feeds nowadays are usually just sketchy media outlets speculating if two people are indeed “beefing” or not although it’s more likely than not just clickbait or a publicity stunt.

There is however a beef that is very much real and that’s between Russell Wilson and Future. If you lived under a rock during 2015/2016 (which might not have been a bad idea), rapper Future and singer Ciara were dating, they broke up, then she started a relationship with Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson. Future has made his disdain for Wilson very clear in the past and there are even pictures of Wilson with Future’s children.


Future is from Atlanta. The Seahawks travel to Atlanta to play the Falcons for their playoff game Saturday. Last year the Carolina Panthers understood this dynamic and played a whole bunch of Future. Wilson and the Seahawks lost that game and the Panthers marched on to the Superbowl. Falcons coach Dan Quinn said that “We will absolutely not go down that road”, referring to playing Future tracks to taunt the Seahawks. However, Falcons DJ, Jay Envy seems to have plans of his own as he posted a complete Future playlist as well as some words about how it’s Atlanta and he plays Future at every game and that he’s not going to not play certain music because of certain people. He also mentioned that nobody has contacted him saying he couldn’t play certain music so now I’m personally curious as to what’s going to happen Saturday in Atlanta. The post made by Jay Envy has since been deleted.

If the Falcons actually elect not to play Future then that would make them the softest team in the league’s history and deserve to lose by at least 70 points. This is the NFL. This is the league where people poke each other in the eyes and twist their guts at the bottom of a pileup. It’s where grown men run at full speed and tackle each other to the ground and severely injure each other in the process. You’re not going to play a hometown rapper because it makes the opposing player feel uncomfortable? Listen, I’m an Eagles fan. I don’t care about the Falcons or Seahawks. I just want the Cowboys to lose. But I do care about living in a world where people are afraid to exercise their right to do things they are perfectly allowed to do just because it makes one or two people uncomfortable. It’s the playoffs. One and done. You have to take advantage of every single edge you can get whether it actually works or not. It’s not like they’re poisoning their meals or paying off the refs. If you can legally get in the head of an opponent, one who has actually won a Superbowl at that, then you fucking do it. You play ‘March Madness’ and ‘Fuck Up Some Commas’ and ‘Stick Talk’ until Russell Wilson cries. You play ‘I Serve The Base’ and ‘Same Damn Time’ until Richard Sherman literally combusts on the sideline. The Falcons are the HOME TEAM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Do you let people come into your home and tell you what you can and can not do?  This is about more than just football, it’s the principle. Interested to see how this one unfolds…

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