Gratz’s Grumblings: Week 2

After finally processing live football with your own eyeballs, it’s hard to stop yourself from making snap judgements about every single conceivable thing after week one of the NFL season. Well, week one came and went and now we have a whole new set of results for us to dissect as if we’re scientists making a hypothesis for a groundbreaking new study. Here’s what happened around the league in week 2:

The Jets defeated the Bills in what was an unlikely shootout in Buffalo. Matt Forte scored three touchdowns as he helped teammate Ryan Fitzpatrick overcome his longstanding struggles against Rex Ryan. Perhaps this is one of those too soon overreactions but I get the vibe that the Rex Ryan era in Buffalo could be coming to an end if they don’t turn this around…and fast. It just seems that both players and executives alike are losing faith in the charismatic coach and could be over his schtick. Who knows, maybe he will turn it around big time and make a splash this season, but his offensive deficiencies and waning trust might prove to be something too big to overcome.


The Steelers beat the Bengals 24-16. Honestly I don’t know how much one can take away from this contest. These are two teams who historically beat up on each other and while this game certainly could have a big impact standings wise, it’s still tough to tell which one of these teams will make it farther when it’s all said and done.

The Browns exploded on the Ravens and took an early three score lead only to blow it and lose in typical Browns fashion. Sticking with Browns tradition, the team is already on their third string quarterback through three NFL weeks. While the NFL is great for it’s thrilling surprises, some things truly never change.

One of the bigger stories around the league is how Kirk Cousins is looking through two games. After leading the Skins to the playoffs they now face a divisional opponent in New York who could send them to 0-3 and really make their season look bleak. It’s still early and this can be another one of those classic too soon overreactions as the Skins still have a lot of weapons surrounding Cousins even if he really isn’t all that great as a quarterback. What’s more alarming is how bad their defense has played, giving up 65 points in two weeks.

Another potential letdown could be looming in Seattle. Seattle yet again fell to the Rams, losing 9-3. Look I get it, they played a team playing their first home game in a major city in years…still, you need to find a way to get something going as they are clearly the more talented team. The absence of Marshawn Lynch could really put a damper on things in Seattle, even with that stout defense. It’s hard to bet against Seattle in the long run but as of now it seems that there are clearly better teams than them in the NFC, including one in their own division.

One of those teams looks to be the Carolina Panthers. After a hard fought week one loss, they bounced back nicely and dropped 46 on the 49ers, something that is traditionally a sign of good teams. On the other hand, it’s still pretty hard to evaluate where the 49ers are at, although if one had to guess they would probably assume them to be just average and not a real threat going forward.

The Cardinals smacked the Bucs 40-7. It was a really disappointing showing from Tampa Bay after they received pretty much universal praise for their week one win. I still think they can be a dangerous team as the season continues and probably just got exposed by an even better one.

Jimmy Garoppolo threw three scores then got hurt in New England’s win against Miami. The Pats are 2-0 without Brady and are probably starting rookie Jacoby Brissett in week 3. I will continue to emphasize how amazing it is to see the Patriots play at a high level no matter who is playing on either side of the ball. Even with a rookie third round quarterback likely to start the next game, you still get the feel the Patriots will be just fine.

Speaking of rookie quarterbacks, Carsen Wentz again looked like a maestro in his Monday night debut. He continued to looked poised and smart against the Bears (although Chicago is pretty pathetic again this year). Still it’s an encouraging sign and we will have an even better understanding of where he’s as a quarterback in his tough week 3 matchup with Pittsburgh.


The quarterback who started for the Eagles before Wentz led his new team to a hard fought 17-14 win against the Packers. Sam Bradford and the Vikings were impressive but they real story to watch is Adrain Peterson’s injury. He has a torn meniscus and his long term health this season doesn’t appear to be in real jeopardy although it is something to keep an eye on. Even with a strong defense and veteran quarterback, the Vikings will need AP if they want to be alive for the deep postseason they were hoping for before the season started.

UPDATE: Adrian Peterson will be getting surgery and his timetable to return is 3-4 months.

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