Female, 21, Cancels Spring Break After Leaving Her Phone At Home

A newly 21 year old female has canceled her spring break plans after accidentally leaving her cell phone at home. Reports indicate that Sara Kleinfeld, New Jersey, was posting countdown selfies with her sorority sisters and forgot her phone in the foyer after kissing her dog Jake goodbye.

“I wanted to snap a picture of the highway with the caption “Miami we’re comin for ya (peace sign)”, and that’s when I noticed my phone was missing”, a visibly shaken up Sara said. When asked why she decided to forgo the trip entirely instead of going without her phone, she elaborated, “Alesso’s like my favorite DJ and without my phone, nobody would have even knew I went. My whole group of friends still had their phones so if my snaps weren’t the same as theirs people wouldn’t have thought I was there. I don’t know, it would have been weird.”

Her mother, Beth, 53, has offered her support in wake of the incident. “Oy, I felt so bad when I had to pick her up at the airport. She hasn’t eaten in the last four weeks so to cheer her up I made her favorite, gluten free chicken parm”.

Sara is reportedly in stable condition, binge watching Shameless and keeping up with her friends, face timing with them at the club, hotel, restaurants, etc. “I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy but luckily my sisters have been so supportive the whole time, I’m literally crying thinking about how much I love and miss them”. Despite her friends posting “never leaving”, they will in fact be home in two days.

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