AC’s Comeback Looking Pretty, Pretty Good This Summer

It’s no secret that Atlantic City had a collapse almost as bad as Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. Revel and HQ closed, Mixx was nixed, the House of Blues Studio and the Showboat have been shut down. Luckily, things are starting to look up for the south jersey capital of degeneracy. WAV is a new nightclub opening up at Caesars, which I have actually heard some pretty cool things about from buddies who went there on New Years (from what they remember). Any and all skepticism was squashed when I found out they’re bringing SKRILLEX for their opening weekend (and Tommy Trash) the first weekend of April. And then there’s Premier, the new club at the Borgata. The Borgata is like Barry Sanders when he was the lone standout player on the Lions except they play in AC instead of Detroit. Mur Mur and Mixx were always a good time, with the latter being shut down in lieu of Premier. It’s safe to say that the new spot will be pretty dope because hey, the Borgata just kills it. No word on when it’s officially opening yet but it does say Spring so it should be right around the corner. Haven and the pool at Harrah’s still manage to bring in solid talent in their own right and are still fun (when you know it’s not the only option available).

I’m down, count me in, all in. There’s no better form of self loathing than when you wake up in an overcrowded Atlantic City room in a button down and slacks completely devoid of any cash or dignity. Seriously, nothing beats having to Venmo your boy for a bagel and Gatorade the next morning while your head is spinning because you’re in a car going 90 miles an hour on the expressway. I might make up posters saying “Make Atlantic City Great Again” and hang them all over the tristate area as we approach this surefire shit show. Now who’s with me?


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