Bro Gropes Santa Chick In Wawa, Gratzfeed Approves

Ok so here’s the deal. A dude was at Wawa with a chick and got a little frisky as he was casually groping her butt while they were waiting for their grub. Check out the video below:

Now, is it a little sleazy to grope a chicks ass in a public establishment such as Wawa with people all around? Yeah, probably. But, here’s why I’ll defend this bro, you can clearly see that they were waiting for their food to be made. Have you ever had a bbq chicken finger sandwich while intoxicated from Wawa? The moments leading up to said sandwich can be one of the most arousing things a human being can experience, an aphrodisiac if you will. Nights usually end with either Wawa OR pussy, this kid appears to have secured both. Pretty much like winning the championship and MVP in the same season. The fact that he didn’t completely splooge his pants in this clip is nothing short of a Christmas miracle in itself.

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