Teacher Of The Year Quizzes 6th Graders On Chief Keef

A middle school music teacher in Chicago is in hot water after giving an assessment about Chief Keef’s life to his students.

“According to FakeShoreDrive, sixth graders at Fiske Elementary school were asked by a teacher to memorize Keef’s past for a test, which included questions about his arrest record. One parent in particular was so outraged that she posted the above video, where she talks about the test and how inappropriate it was for the students to learn about. The test included questions about Keef getting shot, and at what age he stopped attending school. “My son has a music teacher that has decided to teach the students about this clown that speaks of death, gangs,” Katrina Sanders said. Sanders is one of the many parents who were upset about the class and took to the media to help get the word out about what was going on.”

If you know me then you know how highly I regard Sosa and not just his music but his ideals and way of life in general. The man is truly ahead of his time, he makes phenomenal music and is a bros bro, spending much of his free time smoking 16 gram blunts and playing Call of Duty. This teacher has singlehandedly restored my faith in the American educational system. After reading this I am seriously contemplating giving up the blogging career and going back to school for teaching so I can shape the precious minds of this nation and make a real difference. You know what I learned in my middle school music classes? Not a fucking thing because whatever they were pushing on us was so lame that we resorted to psychologically torturing the teacher to get our kicks. What do you think these kids should be learning about? Mozart? Beethoven? Get with the times, Keef is the modern day Mozart. It’s about time we stop sugar coating everything and start to keep it 100 with the lil homies, so what if the teacher asked questions about his arrests? If I knew that I could get arrested and bypass school and still play video games all day while being rich as fuck by making music it really would have just saved everyones time. On a side note, I’d like to take this opportunity to express just how great Chief Keef’s Instagram is. It’s definitely a must follow account and one of my personal favorites, so if you’re not following then get with it.


You can check out the full article right here:


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