New Music Mondays: Three Tracks You Need To Know

Bassjackers- Bring That Beat (Original Mix)

Bassjackers are really good at what they do and that’s make music that makes you want to absolutely lose your shit. This track isn’t really all that different from what they’ve been making as of late but it’s a welcome addition to an already stacked list of aggressive bangers, without a doubt a must add to your “break shit” playlist this fall. ‘Bring That Beat’ is out now on Smash The House Records.

Vicetone- I’m On Fire (Original Mix)

While looking at the comments on this tracks page I saw someone say “sexy” and I think that sums this one up pretty well. Overall just a really catchy and crisp melody that will be stuck on your head in no time. ‘I’m On Fire’ is out now on Spinnin Records.

Dannic & Sick Individuals- Feel Your Love (Original Mix)

Quite Possibly one of the biggest tracks out now, ‘Feel Your Love’ is yet another masterpiece from Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. This one comes from his right hand man Dannic and fellow Revealed standouts Sick Individuals and starts out with a really groovy and catchy melody with phenomenal vocals which escalate into a powerful progressive breakdown followed by a fucking wild electro drop. I think what makes this track so special is that it does a remarkable job of fluidly combining different genres into one big track.  Really nice work here as Revealed Recordings stays unmatched in the genre. ‘Feel Your Love’ is out now.

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