College GameDay Coming To Philly This Weekend

This weekend is shaping up to be sick (despite Halloween being a vastly overrated occasion). It’s Halloween weekend ( I mean I’m not gonna not do Halloween), there’s tons of cool concerts everywhere, football, hockey AND it’s the opening weekend of NBA basketball… AND we’re all spared from watching the Eagles play. Pretty fucking solid in my book. To add to the festivities ESPN’s College GameDay is visiting good old Philly as Temple is undefeated with Notre Dame coming into town. Yes, I may have went to Rutgers but it never hurts (I mean it always does actually) to root for the Philly team, especially playing Notre Lame. Plus anyone who knows college football knows that it’s less about the wins and losses and more about drinking until you can’t interpret the scoreboard anyways. Forecast for this weekend: ratchet with a high chance of Tony Lukes. Let’s go.

Ps. The actual College GameDay setup will be at Independence Mall. Start thinking of an inappropriate but funny sign now.


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