Have You Seen The Uconn Dude Who Loses His Shit Over Bacon Jalapeno Mac And Cheese Yet?

OK, this one is a doozy. A Uconn student walks into the student center visibly fucked up (probably on more than just alcohol, oh those crazy college kids) and gets denied service because well, he’s belligerent and that’s like not ok in public or something. Instead of obeying the worker that denied him he did what every drunk person would do and refused to leave, however this kid took it to the Nth degree and that’s when shit got out of control. He berated the worker, insulting him about his job, even physically assaulting the dude too. Other workers came for backup and tried to handle the situation but it got so bad that eventually the cops showed up and the kid ended up being thrown on the ground like a rag doll and then arrested in a grade A display of public embarrassment. You can check out the video right here:

Now I’m not going to further lambast the kid for his actions, I think the video alone says everything that needs to be said about this kid and his bacon jalapeno mac and cheese/ substance issues. The thing that really stuck out to me was how fucking soft the Uconn student body was throughout this whole ordeal. This shit show went on for a whole 9 minutes and all anyone did (besides the workers of course) was just stand there and watch it all go down. Now, I can’t really speak for other schools but let me tell you this is not how shit would have went down at Rutgers. Alissa Munoz would have told this kid to shut the fucking fuck up and then proceed to ridicule the kid for not even demanding foodie quality bacon jalapeno mac and cheese bites in the first place. Briana Addone might have right hooked this kid (if she didn’t have previous plans at 1 am). Nana would have delivered this kid such an african beating that they would have given the poor schmuck 18 credits for a semester abroad. And the workers? Well the employees here weren’t exactly pussies but if this happened at Jimmy’s Pizza on Easton Jimmy would have taken whatever bottle the kid had on him and smashed it over his skull while delivering his signature line in Johnny Drama fashion, “go fuck your mother”. I’ll give Uconn a pass just this one time because I was really impressed with how demonstrative they were during their NCAA championship riots so I know they have it in them, just gotta step their shit up in the future.

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