5 Year Old Tries To Wear Broncos Gear, Gets Rejected Hard By Teacher

So here’s the deal, elementary school in Washington has an event called ‘Blue Friday’ where the kiddies are supposed to wear their Seattle Seahawks gear. However, one five year old wanted to instead wear her Denver Broncos garb and thats when her teacher had to lay down the fucking law.

According to Fox 31 Denver, the teacher allowed all students to wear Seahawks colors on “Blue Friday”, but told the 5-year-old Broncos fan that if she didn’t change out of her Broncos dress and into Seahawks gear, she’d have to wear her school uniform. The school later issued a statement in opposition to the teacher’s actions, clarifying that students can wear the colors of whichever team they choose”.

This is exactly the kind of person we need leading America’s future right here. These little turds today are so entitled, having fucking Ipads at like 6 years old. Gotta teach em at a young age that rules are rules and if they don’t like them they can look like a damn outcast in front of their peers and wear the lame school uniform. The Broncos? They were embarrassed by the Seahawks in the Superbowl two years ago, teacher was trying to make sure this little bugger wasn’t ridiculed because we all know how ruthless kids can be amidst this bullying crisis, very honorable move. We’re lucky something like this didn’t happen in Philly. If it was “Green Friday” and some little shit wore a Cowboys jersey they’d be beat to a pulp and rightfully so. It’s just that if you let the Seahawks jersey slide then whats next? Allowing her to use Walmart coupons at Target on Black Friday? Getting fried nuggets at Chick Fil a even though the coupon says grilled nuggets? We should all be happy this has been put to an end and take a moment to appreciate such noble educators.

You can check out the full story here:


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