Alabama’s Alpha Phi Makes Recruitment Video, Receives Scorn

Ok so here’s the deal, the Alabama Chapter of Alpha Phi made a recruitment video promoting their organization that’s basically just four plus minutes of hot girls prancing around looking happy and smiling. No mention of GPA, or philanthropy ventures, none of that kind of stuff just sexy chicks having fun. The problem? Well it’s an admittingly shallow video that doesn’t really promote the more positive side of greek life all while highlighting the chapters complete lack of diversity. Having said that…who the hell cares? Before I go on, take a look at the video for yourself.

Like I said, it’s a really shallow video that doesn’t have much substance, but why is that your concern? It’s not like the video had any negative or offensive comments (or any words or dialogue at all for that matter). This whole issue really comes down to a very basic principle: if you don’t like the video then don’t fucking rush Alpha Phi. There are plenty of organizations whose ideals vastly differ from the general public’s but people can’t just bash every single thing they don’t personally agree with. Also, believe it or not a lot of those organizations have way worse shit going on than a bunch of smoke shows having some innocent fun.

Now, if there was actually explicit wrong doing or racism or whatever it is that people are complaining about than that’s one thing, but there was absolutely no wrongdoing in this video. Hey, maybe these girls are a bunch of dumb spoiled brats completely out of touch with reality, but isn’t making that assumption based off a four minute youtube video worse than the actual video itself? Maybe these girls are actually model students who are actively involved on campus, who fucking knows, the bottom line is people are making a big deal about this video and it’s fucking silly.

Lastly, not everyone gets to join the sorority they want, just like how not everybody gets hired by the company they want or gets into the school they want, it’s just how it is. Some girls go through recruitment to not only not get a bid to the sorority they wanted, but to any sorority at all. Recruitment overall can be a shallow and unfair process, so again, there’s bigger issues than one organization’s video. Personally I thought this video rocked because I’m a fan of watching hot girls dance around but that could just be me…and it used a Seven Lions track and Seven Lions is the fucking shit. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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