Chick Fil A Coming to New York October 3

Growing up in South Jersey I’m far more accustomed to Philadelphia’s cuisine than New York’s, but at Rutgers I have been reminded numerous times how New York is basically the best place in the world with the best food ever by my north jersey peers. While the food in New York is undoubtedly incredible, it’s always been a little tough for me to take it seriously due to it’s severe lack of Chick Fil A establishments (the actual best cuisine ever). Well Luckily for The Big Apple that is about to change.

“Chick-fil-A’s long-awaited first freestanding location in New York City officially has an opening date.

The location at 37th Street and 6th Avenue will open Oct. 3, the chain announced Monday. It will be Chick-fil-A’s largest in the U.S.

While the restaurant has had an outpost in New York University’s food court with limited access and menu items for more than a decade, the new restaurant will be the first of two slated for the Big Apple. The chain plans to open another location near Rockefeller Center at 46th Street and 6th Avenue.”

I’m happy for New York, I really am. I have no idea what took so long in the first place but I truly am relieved for The Big Apple. Sure I despise their sports teams and feel bad for them as both their football teams are going to lose to the Eagles this year, but not having a Chick Fil A is a whole different issue, wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy. Yeah it will probably cost an arm an and a beak for a #3 but there are just some things in life you can’t put a price on and Chick Fil A is one of those things. Mazel tov to New York on this wonderful news!


You can check out the full article right here:

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