Check Out These Remixes From Rising Jersey Producers

In case you haven’t noticed, I really like music. Music is a passion that I willingly devote a large portion of my time to day in and day out. As a fan of anything, it’s always refreshing to be able to share and discuss your interests with likeminded individuals. Mikey P and DJ Glaze are two producers/ DJs who share this passion of music, and it shows through their work. I’ve spent some time talking to these dudes about the genre and they really know their shit. Well, they put their expertise on display with their brand new remixes to popular songs.

Up first we have Mikey P and his remix to Tove Lo’s ‘Talking Body’. The youngster put a lot of time into this one, getting it just right for breaking shit in a crowded room. Even better? This one’s available for free download right here

Next we have another energetic remix, this time Glaze’s imagining of Adam Lambert’s ‘Ghost Town’. Just like Mikey P, Glaze gives us a track that may make you want to play a game of dodgeball with a pile of rocks. Even better than better? This one’s also available for free download, right here

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