Hold On To Your Biscuits, This Popeyes Fight is Insane

Nothing gets my blood flowing like a ratchet ass fight caught on camera. This time, a Popeyes gets its shit wrecked from a pack of wild animals fighting over only God knows what. Here, check it out!

Far and away the best fireworks display I’ve seen from the weekend, even better than the one that fucked up the Giants defensive line and possibly season, no question. Lots to break down here. First, it’s a blessing that this shit show stuck to the main area/ outside meaning no fried chicken or biscuits were harmed in this video. Would have been such a shame if any food got contaminated from these lowlife delinquents. Second, I’m not quite sure what set this whole thing off but it must have been SERIOUS. How can anyone want to fight in the presence of a holy establishment like Popeyes? I thought those cajun tenders could bring world peace and next thing I know I see these behemoths acting like it’s the stage of the fucking Jerry Springer show. Third, gotta love the comment saying

“I was hoping that little kid was going to get knocked out.  Already at that young age she was acting just like the hoodrat her mom was.  Talking shit and pulling hair.  Would have loved to see a chair accidentally smack her in the face, so everybody can get knocked back into reality and realize how primitive they are acting.  What a horrible culture.  Respect to people of all races who are above this shit.”

That’s some next level logical reasoning right there. I mean kids already fucked to begin with so might as well get hit in the fucking grill with a chair and maybe knock the ratchet out of them right? Can’t hurt can it? Anyways, great brawl right there, at Gratzfeed we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality entertainment, so stay tuned for more clips of America at its finest.

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