Sixers And Kings Complete Big Time Swap

The Sixers and Kings have just announced a massive swap that will send Nik Stauskas, Carl Landry, and Jason Thompson to Philly for … wait, I’m pretty sure the Sixers gave up a couple of Hatfield franks and a bucket of crab fries. According to Sports Illustrated,

“In return, the 76ers will send a protected first-round draft pick to the Kings and will swap draft rights with Kings on two other first-round picks, according to Grantland’s Zach Lowe.”

I’ve read that the Sixers apparently gave up some overseas players too but that they did not include Dario Saric, so we can all exhale. Let me break this down for yall…at first I was completely elated with this trade, and while I still am pretty fucking pumped, I’ll feel better when i know what the Sixers plan on doing with Thompson and Landry. If the Sixers can move those two and keep Stauskas then this was an absolute steal for Philly that should replenish hope for Sam Hinkie among Sixers faithful. Landry and Thompson both have two more years on their contracts that combine for somewhere around 28 million total. I expect the Sixers to be able to move them eventually but the real gem in this deal was Nik Stauskas. The 6’6 sniper from Michigan was selected 8th overall last year by Sacramento but had a pretty dismal year averaging only 4.4 points per game. HOWEVER, the Kings last year were less of a basketball team and more of a three-ring circus as they endured a coaching change, disgruntled players, the works. Totally not the right environment for a rookie and no reason at all to lose faith in the kid who’s still only 21. The Sixers were in desperate need of a shooter and this is the perfect guy to take a chance on, doesn’t hurt at all since there are no real expectations to win this season anyway. Great fucking job Hinkie.


The Kings on the other hand are scheming and did this to clear cap space to pursue free agents. Word on the street is they like Monta Ellis and Rajon Rondo, which seems like a recipe for either brilliance, or more likely a total fucking implosion. Can’t wait to sit back and see how that one plays out.

You can check out the full article right here:

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