Dude Brings Giant Flag Of Kim Kardashian Sucking Ray J’s D To Kanye Concert

So I guess flags have been some sort of big deal recently. Something about dudes making out with other dudes, lesbian porn, and the dukes of hazard car? I don’t really know about all that nonsense, but what I do know is that the only flag of true importance to me was being waved around at a Kanye concert like a white flag by the French army this past weekend.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably seen the Kim Kardashian sex tape or at least heard about it. Long video short, she has sex on camera with the one hit wonder himself, Ray J. Why does this matter you ask? It matters because someone took a picture of Kim sucking Ray J’s dick, made it fucking giant, and then put it on a flag – ALL TO BRING TO A KANYE CONCERT. Fucking unbelievable. Tremendous job you unknown, fucking beautiful, genius stranger.

Imagine this: giant fucking flag of Kim K going down on a dude, with a caption that says, “Get down girl, get head get down.” Who thinks of this shit? I wish I were that creative at trolling someone, but unfortunately I’m too busy writing smut like this. Anyway, some dude rocks up to a Yeezy concert with a flag of the fucking dude’s wife sucking some other black musician’s dick! If this isn’t hilarious to you, then I don’t know what could be.


Kanye West is a talented musician, producer, and rapper. No one is debating his talent or the fact that he has more Grammy’s than fucking Jesus. But let’s face it – Kanye West is a fucking dick. Publicly talking shit on Dubya (George W. Bush), interrupting T-Swift on stage, and procreating with a Kardashian should be reasons enough to think that this dude is possibly the most ill mannered dude on the planet. Granted, he’s always under heavy media scrutiny and he probably has a huge chip on his shoulder from being Jay-Z’s leashed up bitch-boy, but I can’t help thinking to myself, “wow what a fucking moron” every time I see his face or read about him online.

I know there are probably some huge Kanye fans out there reading this saying, “wow d-murph is a huge hater and probably jealous of Ye’s talent, money, and penis size.” To be fair, they wouldn’t be wrong, except for maybe one part. I’m actually not a huge Kanye hater. In fact, I fucking love his music and think he’s a phenomenal artist. BUT, no matter how good someone is at something, when their ego paints a target on them that’s too big to miss, I have to take my shot. Just call me Chris Kyle when it comes to situations like this.

To recap – talented artist married to a sex icon, specifically one that countless dudes have probably beat their meat over, is getting trolled by some rando fuck at his concert. If that wasn’t enough, this dude is reminding him that his wife was literally balls deep on some other guy – who is way less rich and famous than him.

Karma. Fucking Karma.

Written by Dennis Murphy

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