Dario Saric Not Coming To Sixers In 2015-2016

Last year Dario Saric was selected with the 12th overall pick by the Orlando Magic and then immediately shipped to Philly, despite signing a 3 year contract extension with his Turkish team just days before the draft. News has now come in that the Sixers will not buy out Saric’s contract this season and he will stay put for the 2015-2016 season.

“ESPN’s Chad Ford first reported the expected news. He learned this morning through Saric’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, that the 21-year-old will stay in Turkey to play for Anadolu Efes as he did this past season.

Saric signed a three-year contract with the Turkish team days prior to the 2014 NBA draft. Still, he was selected No. 12 overall by Orlando, and later that night traded to the Sixers in exchange for the No. 10 pick and a future draft selection.

The Sixers reportedly had been negotiating with Anadolu Efes to buyout Saric’s current contract, but the price proved too high.”

What does it mean for the Sixers? Well it’s not really a big deal now, but it could be down the road. When they first drafted Saric I listened to Sam Hinkie’s press conference and he was adamant even then that it would be at least two years before they acquired the turkish big man. Well after this season he still has one year remaining on the contract which the Sixers would probably attempt to buyout, but theres a catch. Saric may be inclined to finish out the final year of his contract in Turkey because if he waits the extra year, the rookie salary scale is no longer in effect, and he then has the right to negotiate a new contract as a free agent with the Sixers, which would probably cost a lot more money. That means it’s very possible the Sixers have to wait until the 2017-2018 just for this guy to practice in a Sixers uniform (which are really fucking cool now by the way).

It’s just frustrating that the Sixers do all this tanking and don’t even have much promise to show for it. Joel Embiid was selected with the 3rd overall pick and now he’s a big injury risk. Saric was then taken 12th overall and we might not even see him for another 2 seasons. It’s time the Sixers take some real prospects that can come in and start to develop and put the wheels for this organization in motion. They have another opportunity to secure a great talent this Thursday night, only time will tell if their choice was a good one and hopefully, it’s sooner rather than later.


You can check out the full article right here:


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