Watching This Old Dude Put On A Poncho Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Ok so pretty self explanatory stuff here, old guy’s at a baseball game, starts to rain legit cats and dogs, dude tries to put on a poncho, where he then goes through some serious, serious shit.

Warning: The following video is deeply disturbing and excruciating to watch. Viewer discretion is advised.

Yo, I feel SO bad for this guy, know exactly what this poor schmuck is going through. Literally every time I’m out blazed in public I have a fear that someone is going to catch me on video during one of my constant life struggles. Have you’ve ever tried to operate one of those giant touch screen coke machines 2 dabs deep? I can’t ya know, see myself, but I imagine I look something like Rain Man trying to shoot a three pointer. If you laughed or enjoyed this video at all, you need to have a full on psychiatric evaluation, complete with those ink blots and shits. Nobody deserves this, nobody. Surprised this wasn’t a Phillies fan though, that would have made a lot more sense.

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