Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Apparently Chick Fil A (the most magical place in the entire world ahead of even Disney World) is experimenting with new menu items, the only one mattering being the BBQ chicken sandwich.

“The chicken chain is testing three new menu items at select locations in Southwest Florida through July, according to The News-Press.

The items are a barbecue bacon sandwich, a salad blend of broccolini and kale, and a baked potato.”

I literally cannot even, this would be such a game changer. Chick Fil A has a commitment to excellence, you just know their bacon would be legit and not like the other shitty fast food bacon (no bacon is actually shitty though) that’s out there now. And we already know their barbecue sauce is one of the earths most blessed liquids and should be a schedule 1 drug. Hopefully this test run goes smoothly which I imagine it will, and in no time we will all be enjoying another spectacular piece of cuisine from America’s finest restaurant.


You can check out the full article right here:

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