$40,000 Worth of Equipment Stolen From NBA Crew While At Panda Express

It’s stories like these that make me cringe, make me lose faith in the human race. An NBA entertainment crew was eating at a Panda Express while their van was broken into and robbed of $40,000 worth of cameras and equipment as well as personal belongings.

“The crew stepped into a Panda Express in East Oakland, Calif., to grab some food, only to return 20 minutes later and see a window smashed in and several items missing, insidebayarea.com reported.

Five laptops worth an estimated $16,000, camera equipment worth $25,000, cell phones and personal belongings were stolen.”

Really? REALLY? I can’t believe there are people in this country that would commit such a heinous crime. Being a lowlife scumbag criminal is one thing, but while the victims are eating at PANDA EXPRESS?! HAVE YOU NO DECENCY? Panda Express is one of the most underrated establishments in existence, one shouldn’t have to worry about getting their shit jacked while dining there. The orange chicken there is such a sacred experience, I can’t imagine what these guys are going through after their immediately finding out the bad news. I hope these monsters get caught and get what they deserve, their balls cut off and put into a sizzling Panda Express Wok and served to a pack of rabid dogs. At this point I don’t even care who wins or loses the finals, I just want a big fat W for American justice.


You can check out the original story right here:


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