Film Review: Entourage

Wow. I can’t believe it’s actually here, and I can’t believe I actually saw the freaking Entourage movie. I’m not gonna lie, I got a little emotional when I bought my tickets hungover/ maybe still a little drunk Sunday morning. That sounds ridiculous, I’m aware, but I’ve always felt a strong connection to the TV show during it’s impressive run on HBO. It wasn’t necessarily that I related to the show (even though I find myself and Vinny to be basically the same person), I don’t drive fancy cars around (yet) and party with Hollywood’s hottest celebs. But in a way I guess, yeah, I really could relate to the show and it’s themes about friendship and love for your bros and often found myself possessing, or at least striving to possess a lot of the same characteristics as these characters I idolized, like loyalty and fidelity, and in a lot of ways my friends and I do. So, with all that said, how was the fucking movie?

Well, let me first say that even as a big fan, I got a little sick of the show at points during its latter seasons. I thought it lost touch of it’s identity and instead played out like a 30 minute commercial, with more emphasis on trendy name brand products and cameos than on the actual characters and story. However, rest assured the movie was fucking awesome. If you’re a fan of the series, I’m confident you will love this movie. It’s pretty much a mini season, wrapped in an hour and forty five minutes. Each character has their own storylines, but what i liked is that they were all given the appropriate amount of attention. For example, in the movie Turtle has his own little plot points, but it’s not overly intrusive or pervasive and rightfully so, because well, it’s Turtle. I thought his whole limo service, tequila endeavors, and love life became a bit much at the tail end of the shows run but the movie makes sure to give each member of the crew the right amount of attention.


Also, they did a great job of making sure everyone stuck true to who they really were in the series. Ari was vintage Ari, slinging classic insults and pulling off the most powerful of power moves, Drama was Drama, and so on and so on. Maybe a couple surprises (which were good, especially for E) here and there, but every character was who you knew and loved through all the seasons.

Now, a big part of Entourage is the cameos, and you already knew before even seeing this bad boy that there was going to be a fuck ton. They did a great job with them, they included both classic guests of the show as well as newcomers. They were all mostly really funny, and didn’t seem overly forced or cheesy. The best might have been a certain Super Bowl winner, and not the one who deflated footballs. Like I said, I thought some of the cameos in the later seasons felt forced but that didn’t feel like the case this time, maybe because it was easier to distribute them over the course of a full length feature instead of a half hour show.

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed. I will say that it didn’t really do anything new or different, but perhaps this wasn’t the time to do that. It took what worked during the show and made a bigger, better, version of it and I don’t think that is something that will disappoint any Entourage fans. Most importantly the movie stuck true to what the show was really about, which isn’t just tits and ass and outward facing labels. It stuck true to the themes of love, loyalty, friendship, etc. and for that reason i believe the Entourage movie was a massive success.

Grade: A-


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