W&W & Blasterjaxx- Bowser (Original Mix)

Now this is what summer is all about: big, loud, fucking bangers. It’s pretty much the same deal with movies, with summer being the time where noisy ass movies like Transformers and this year, Jurassic World are released. Today though, we have a super banger by two duos (so that’s a total of four sickos in total) called ‘Bowser’. Yes, Bowser like the fucking villain in the Mario games. Last time these dudes linked they cooked up ‘Rocket’ a track that is totally not ok for public places, but absolutely phenomenal for breaking shit. ‘Bowser’ was made for the festivals, it’s the perfect track to be drunkenly blacked out humming the melody to aloud with your boys (which is like the most fun thing ever). ‘Bowser’ is out today on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. https://soundcloud.com/wandw/ww-blasterjaxx-bowser

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