Rutgers Player Who Robbed Kid with BB Gun Kicked Off Team

So just the other day news broke that Rutgers corner back Darian Dailey was arrested for robbing a man on a bicycle with a BB gun for $20. He has now been dismissed from the program.

“Dailey was listed as a starting cornerback on the depth chart released before spring practice. A two-star prospect from Bradenton, Fla., the 5-foot-11, 175-pound Dailey was in line to potentially play a major role in the secondary this season.”

Well, he’s officially been booted off the team, faster than you can be booted from a class on webreg. In all honesty it’s sad to see this happen to someone but then again don’t fucking point a BB gun at someone and rob them. Now I guess it’s time for Dailey to do what all washed up athletes do, wrangle up 5 other has beens and move into a house all the way down Hamilton and spend the rest of your days crushing 30 packs of Keystones the way you were supposed to crush a Wisconsin running back.

You can check out the full article here:


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