Hooters Babe Donates Kidney To Loyal Customer

Don Thomas loves Hooters. I’m sure like all of us he keeps going back for the first class service and great tasting food. This time however, customer service has been taken to a whole new level.

“Don Thomas lost kidney function due to cancer, and Mariana Villarreal, who works at the Roswell, Ga., franchise, was inspired to donate because her grandma recently died of kidney failure.

“I wasn’t able to do anything for my grandma,” she told 11 Alive, but “if [Don] can live two more years, happy as he’s ever been, that’s fine with me.”

WOW, what a doll. Fuck you Chipotle and your grass fed cows or whatever the fuck you guys do, Hooters is making a real difference on real lives. I’m actually a little surprised she went through with this, I’ve been rejected from way less involved “favors” from Hooters girls before. Phone numbers? Nah. Extra side of ranch? Yeah right. New Kidney? SURE, NP. Great to hear that Hooters still exists and hasn’t been demolished by BWW yet, but even better to hear Don Thomas has been saved.


You can check out the original article right here:


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