Cavs Almost Fuck Themselves Before Series Even Starts

We all know the real reason the Houston Rockets lost to Golden State in the Western Conference Finals. It wasn’t because of their inability to stop the Splash Bros, or because they got outplayed, it was because rapper/ cultural icon ‘Lil B’ put a spellbinding hex on Houston’s star James Harden. In case you live under a rock, Lil B put a curse on Harden for stealing his ‘cooking’ dance motion before the series started. In game 2, Harden had the ball in his hands during the final seconds as his team trailed by just one point, but was smothered and unable to even get a shot off.

This time around, the Cavs, fresh after their series clinching win, were goonin’ hard and celebrating their trip to the finals which Lil B saw and immediately warned the Eastern Conference representatives of his wrath, then Iman Shumpert saved the day.

unnamed unnamed-1

Wow. Close fucking call. Everyone in Cleveland is sucking Lebron’s nuts meanwhile Shumpert is the real hero on this team. This series was almost over before it even started. Really impressed by Shumpert too, if Lil B fucks with you, you must be a special person. It would have been so boring to watch if Lil B put a curse on them, so NBA fans should be rejoicing that the series can now go either way. Should be a great series, Sixers in 5.

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