New Music Monday

MDW was fucking sick, hope everyone enjoyed it as much as my goonies and I. The past few weeks have been crazy for music as theres been an onslaught of new music with artists releasing some of their biggest tracks of the year around this time. This week I have 3 tracks that have already received play by the biggest DJs and will continue to throughout the summer. Lets do this.

Ummet Ozcan- Lose Control

Ummet Ozcan is a Gratzfeed favorite. Having been featured before for some of his heavier hitting tracks, ‘Lose Control’ is a bit of a different style for the Turkish beat maker. It’s less of a festival sounding banger and more of a clubbier, groovier dance track, which really shows Ozcan’s range. ‘Lose Control’ is out now.

Bassjackers & Brooks- Alamo

Alamo is a fucking monster. As always, Bassjackers delivers a crazy drop, but the buildup on this one is probably my favorite part. Just a really energetic, crazy track that has already been huge in sets and will continue to see support all summer.

Headhunterz & Crystal Lake- Live Your Life

Headhunterz has pretty much gone way of Showtek recently, ditching a lot of his hardstyle sound for a more widely listened to electro, festival style of music. But that’s ok, because he’s absolutely crushing it, and keeps it going strong with ‘Live Your Life’. This is a great festival track with catchy lyrics and an awesome melody and Headhunterz is playing Electric Zoo this year so now would be a good time to get familiar with the Dutch legend.

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