Dude Falls Asleep While Robbing A House

So here’s the deal, a chick wakes up a little after 7 am to find some dude Timothy Bontrager, 29, asleep on her couch. Naturally she then asks the basic question of pretty much wtf are you doing here?

“When she asked what he was doing in her house, Bontrager reportedly apologized. After telling him she was going to call the police, the burglar started walking around the living room and left the house, making off with her wallet, driver’s license, credit cards and personal checks.

Bontrager, who was picked up by police walking along a nearby road, has been charged with felony burglary of an occupied dwelling.”


First I want to state the obvious for all of those wondering, yes this happened in the only state that something like this could happen, Florida. Secondly, damn dude. So close yet so far. I have to admit, I feel for the guy. I know the monster I become when I don’t get the 7-8 hours and its nothing pretty.  This is exactly why I always tell people to never dab before robbing a house. I’ve fallen asleep during some pretty inopportune times myself, at graduation, during sex, at SDT formal while djing, it happens! On the plus side, wait, shit I got nothing, this just sucks for him

You can check out the full article right here: http://time.com/3883584/florida-timothy-bontrager-burglary-felony-asleep-sarasota/

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