Summer Jam: DVBBS- Always

DVBBS gets a lot of shit. They are often accused of being unoriginal, ripping off other people’s tracks, and a bunch of other shit that the edm community seems to take issue with. I usually try to focus more on the positives of artists as I recognize they know a lot more than I do, but when I saw the Canadian duo put out a tropical house track (the trendy new thing to do in edm) I couldn’t help but be a little sarcastic and think to myself “of course they did”. But, after listening I was utterly impressed by their stab at a new genre, they really made a killer summer track with awesome vocals and an overall amazing vibe. The best part about this track is they released it for free. Let this be a reminder, while it can be annoying when producers run with whatever’s popular, you really can’t hate on it if they execute, well done DVBBS.

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