Skilled Goon Uses Selfie Stick To Capture Epic Battle

First, let me go on the record by saying I am not a huge fan of selfie sticks. They’re just kinda stupid and unnecessary. Selfies are a part of life now, I get that. If you gotta selfie, go right ahead and do your thang, but once you need fucking physical objects in order to take a picture of yourself…well that’s when Gratz draws the line. I can’t imagine being at a pregame trying to get as drunk as you possibly can in a fixed amount of time and some schmuck is getting in your space with a fucking stick for a fucking snapchat. BUT, HAVING SAID THAT, I just found the first documented footage of a selfie stick being a game changing instrument.

Check this out, this homie’s mom and girlfriend are evidently beefin, then subsequently go toe to toe all while this dude uses a selfie stick to capture all of its glory. It’s a fucking awesome video, gotta love ratchet people fighting. IMAX movies are sick, but the angles and cinematography this guy captures is simply breathtaking. As always, I had many questions while viewing this, like why the fuck did nobody give a fuck that this was being filmed. Usually someone’s all like, turn that camera off! But I guess the brawlers were so enveloped in their fight that they didn’t even care. Gotta fucking love that. I also wonder why this dude didn’t do anything to break up the fight…just kidding, obviously because he had to capture this piece of art and share it with the masses, fuck protecting your mother and girlfriend, that shit should never come in the way of recording potentially the best battle scene since ‘300’.

Overall, I give it an 8.5/10. Half a point deduction because he didn’t yell Worldstar! and also another point taken off because of the lack of weapons involved. The mom had a baseball bat at the beginning of the video but eventually surrendered it to her son, would have been great to see her swing it around and the girlfriend use something to defend herself, but still a great video nonetheless.

Check it out right here:


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