Bieber Bounced: Pop Star Kicked Out of Coachella

Alright so here’s the scoop: Justin Bieber was at Coachella and was heading through the artist entrance area to watch Drizzy perform…and then security denied him. The thing is that even though Bieber had the right credentials to get back to that area, he was denied because they apparently were at capacity. Obviously, Bieber then started making some noise until a Coachella staff member came over and agreed to personally walk him through to the desired area. Allegedly, while he was being escorted, a member of security came up from behind him and put him in a headlock and thats when Bieber’s crew and security really got into it, and then Bieber got kicked out.

Let’s all make fun of Biebs and bash him for being a whiny brat right? Fuck that shit, whether you hate him or love him he was in the right here. At capacity? I hate when shit like this happens. The festival shouldn’t have given out too many credentials to the point where people with the right authorization are denied. I hate when things gets oversold or overbooked. You have a certain number you know you’re allowed to have so how hard is it to sell/ distribute tickets or credentials accordingly? Wouldn’t you be pissed if you had reservations to a restaurant and then when you got there you were told it’s too busy. That’s why you made the reservations/ had the credentials in the first place! Argh!!! It’s either that, or security fucked up by letting too many people in who shouldn’t have been back there in the first place, which is still a joke. And it’s fucking Coachella, some 18 year old chick is rolling her balls off and tripping on acid at the same damn time and you’re worried about a fire hazard in a VIP area? Don’t these bouncers know that normal rules need not apply there? Like what the fuck do you want the guy to do, venture out to where all the Joe Schmo’s are and get harassed by the fucking savages? Some shithead probably just did it to try and be cool and toss one of the biggest celebrities and tell his boy’s about it at a dive bar on his off day. The best part is that apparently (who knows) Drake personally told Bieber to come watch from back there. Ok i just realized I’ve spent way too many words talking about this, the message is

1. Stop overselling shit

2. People with authority often take advantage of their given power (putting people in headlocks) and it’s not cool

3. Normal rules don’t apply to rich people

Oh, and here’s the actual video of his exit:

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